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Clouds and Weather Predictions

Cumulonibus Have you ever wondered how to predict the weather by watching the clouds? Yesterday I wrote on how recognize the basic cloud types, and today I want to share what each type of cloud has to say about the … Continue reading

The Armstrong Archives (91): The Highs and Lows of Residency Grind

Saturday, August 23, 1980 We made it down to Daytona in a record twenty-four hours! I had twenty-eight hours of tapes to keep the fans content, and Jonny Brown Bear played on our laps or sat in his car seat. … Continue reading

Misty Mackinac Island Memories

Alan’s birthday is June 5, so I usually take him to Mackinac Island in time for the June lilac festival, which lasts 10 days (for 2013 about June 6-16).  However, this year I saw an incredible promo in “Travel Zoo” … Continue reading

My Head in the Clouds: Learning to Recognize Cloud Types

Perhaps my earliest childhood fantasy was wishing to build a castle in the clouds, and to this day I am fascinated by the ever-changing cloudscapes when I fly.I finally decided to do a little cloudology, and I hope you enjoy … Continue reading

Hubble Space Telescope: Best Pictures

Below are my favorites from the “Top Ten” most amazing photographs taken by the Hubble Telescope over the last sixteen years. Quote: “They illustrate that our universe is not only deeply strange, but also almost impossibly beautiful.” “The  Sombrero  Galaxy … Continue reading

Waimea Canyon: Don’t Stop ‘Til You Can’t Go Any Further

Did you know there’s such a place as “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific?” It was so named by Mark Twain over a hundred years ago, but it sprang into glowing reality for me personally just recently while visiting Hawaii’s … Continue reading

Rise Up, My Love (205): Clear as the Sun

Song of Solomon 6:10 “Clear as the sun.” What a challenge! As I study this magnificent book, I am acutely aware of two things: first, Solomon is writing about a real person; and second, in a deeper sense, the Lord … Continue reading

Best Remedy for Sunburn

With July coming this week and the weatherman promising soaring temperatures, I thought it might be a good time to share a story about a friend of mine (not one living here in GR) who was out working in the … Continue reading

Losing Sight of Water

For November, the weather has been spectacular lately. It was 76° and 75° the past two days under an intensely blue sky! The oaks out our back window shone like burnished brass, and in the golden glow of the late … Continue reading

That’s a Mighty Big Mac

Did you know that the Mackinac Bridge,  which connects Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas,  is the longest suspension bridge in the entire western hemisphere?  I remember ferrying across the straits before the bridge was built,  but I’ve also been crossing … Continue reading