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Just Like Magic: St. Michael’s Mount and Le Mont Saint Michel

Michael and Grace went to visit the world-famous Le Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, France  on a bit of a honeymoon last weekend.  Michael says you can see the city from about 10 miles away. Isn’t it spectacular? But, did … Continue reading

Puff the Magic Dragon in the Land of Hanali: Déjà vu and Déjà vécu of our Dragons

Today’s blog may seem floaty, but perhaps that’s what happens when you try to respond to the magic of feelings and memories that get all tangled up in déjà vu and déjà vécu. When Alan and I were in Kauai … Continue reading

Could Anything be Better than the Magic Kingdom?!

Disney’s Magic Kingdom has been described as “the happiest place on earth,” and the fact that it’s  the world’s #1 paid tourist attraction (with Disneyland #2) lends some credence to their claim , especially if you believe  money talks!  The … Continue reading

Wide-Eyed at the Magic Kingdom

Yesterday I shared a few highlights of the Magic Kingdom’s size-doubling transformation, but today I want share pictures from some of Disney’s time-honored classic rides and traditions that have been updated from time to time but are basically unchanged since … Continue reading

Magical Firsts for Miss Iris

While we were at Disney, we all got to enjoy some pretty amazing, magical firstswith little Miss Iris, who is (daughter) Kathy and Carl’s 11-month-old daughter.Iris really enjoyed her maiden voyage on a boat…all the way across Bay Lake to  … Continue reading

Magical Mackinac’s Lilac Festival

Mackinac’s 63rd annual Lilac Festival is going on right this very minute, June 8-17th, so I thought I’d let you know, just in case you want to make it in time for the Epona and Barkus Dog Parade down the … Continue reading

Mackinac Magic

Is there any place in your world that has so many happy memories it almost seems a bit magical? Fort Wilderness Campground at Disney is definitely that way for our family.  Once when Alan called to make reservations, the lady … Continue reading

The Mystique of Nicaragua’s Masaya Volcano National Park

                                   Perhaps the greatest advantage of cruising             is that the ship’s captain does all the “driving” while you relax on board,  and every day or two you’re magically transported to some fascinating new place, often in yet another … Continue reading


Our woods and meadow are filled with fireflies right now, much to the delight of our grandchildren (…and children, and myself!). They look a little like “bright, shiny diamonds” as one of our children’s records used to say. Just as … Continue reading

Sammy: Love From a Two-Year-Old

It’s been an entire month since I mentioned anything about “our” new baby in the family here in GR, but something so touching happened yesterday that I wanted to share it with you! As any of you who have children … Continue reading