Pictured Rocks and Other U.P. Beauty Secrets

Alan, Stephen, Joel and I spent last week on a marvelous tour of the Michigan’s gorgeous upper peninsula, visiting some of our favorite places and making sure that Stephen and Joel have lots of good memories of their “roots!” One of my favorite adventures was a boat tour of Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore. I stood breathless on the deck the whole time…filled my card with over 500 pictures. Definitely worth doing if you ever tour the U.P!

Our first night we hiked along the shore line of Union Bay Campground in the Porcupine Mountains. Perfect weather. Tranquil evening. The vast shores of Lake Superior are never crowded!

I suspect there are hundreds of waterfalls in the U.P. This one was taken on our hike along the Presque Isle River in the Porkies.

Here’s another beautiful water fall at Munising. Joel and Stephen took good care of their mom, making sure I didn’t slip at the wrong time.

Just about every night we were blessed with a spectacular sunset. This one was atop Brockway Mountain near the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

This waterfall was just at the bottom of the hill below our property when we lived in Marquette. The Dead River cascades in a labyrinth of falls for several miles before spilling into Lake Superior.Wetmore Landing, just north of Marquette, was a favorite hiking and picnicking spot for Alan and me on our “date nights” and our entire family on weekends.

Sugar Loaf Mt. is another great spot for watching the sunset in the Marquette area. If you’ve got the time and are a face book friend…I just downloaded about 150 of my favorite photos from the trip! If you’re ever planning a trip to the U.P. and want suggestions for where to go, what to do, or where to eat…I’d be more than happy to give you more ideas! Happy hunting!

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow!

This morning dawned all rosy and glorious!

Today we had to part with Jon and Linda, who are leaving for their new career! They are so excited and happy! Don’t they look radiant?!

Of course, the home team is totally thrilled for them…but sad to lose them. Linda said they should pose for a sad picture too…but you can see how sad Jonathan is, can’t you?!  🙂

I kept the tears at bay by redecorating their empty room as a guest room. So—now we have a special room just for you! Come visit!!

Weekend Festivities: Weddings, Open House, Worship, Anniversary, and Birthday

Jason and Kayla got married Saturday morning. I’ve been dear friends of Jason’s mother for many years, and Jason was a wonderful addition to our mission trips in his earlier years. He’s finishing up a program for youth ministry and has found a lovely wife! Their fabulous reception was at Meijer Garden…truly memorable!

We went straight from Jason’s wedding to a goodbye party for Jesse, who is joining the air force. I forgot to take a picture! But, Jesse is a really outstanding young man, very spiritually minded and gifted musically as well as academically. May the Lord bless and keep him!

From there, we made our way to St. Cecelia’s Music Society to enjoy Eric and Katie’s joyous wedding celebration. Eric is a radiant young psychiatrist (Harvard-trained) who works with Alan.

I can’t remember ever going to two weddings in one day, but it sure was fun! As soon as we were done, we flew home in time to greet Jon and Gerlinde…

who had just returned from Zanzibar. Also, Kathy and Carl, and Dan and Brianna all came for the weekend to celebrate with us!

Sunday after church we celebrated Jon and Linda’s first anniversary! They had already honeymooned in Zanzibar, and they will be home so briefly before moving to Spokane, WA, that they shared their day with us! How amazing is that?

Of course, we all loved it!! We spent the day relaxing, swimming, boating…

and eating, because as it turns out, Linda’s 30th birthday comes right after their anniversary. In fact, one cute/fun bit of trivia: all three of our kids who got married last year married someone whose birthday fell during the week of their honeymoon following their wedding!Lots of fun, and lots of good discussions that day!!

And then, tonight we sponsored a 30th birthday/openhouse/goodbye party for Jon and Linda’s care group.

Nate and Kate were gone before I took this picture, but what a great group of close friends they’ve developed here in GR. I know they will miss them. In fact, our MI family is a bit in mourning for them. They leave in just a week. God is good! I’m sure they will love Spokane too.

“Where He leads me I will follow. Where He leads me I will follow. Where He leads me I will follow. No turning back. No turning back!”

Michigan Primaries: Don’t Forget to Vote!

In all the warmth and comfort of this amazingly lovely summer…don’t forget to vote! The Michigan primaries are upon us: August 3 is the big day! We’ve gotten a barrage of calls and flyers in the mail over the past several weeks. It’s hard to keep everybody straight and know who will really be the best candidates. I hope all Michiganders are studying up, praying, and planning to vote. I know that Brianna’s brother and sister are working with Mike Cox as he campaigns for governor, and I’ve heard that Justin Amash is a good man. Rob Verhulen called tonight to say he’s pro-life (among other things that I approve).  If you have particular favorites, I’d love to hear your opinions. May our Lord grant that the best candidates win!