Well, thanks to Alan’s help in getting a new computer, and Aaron’s expertise in getting it up and running…and figuring out that our router was bad (which made email very iffy for the past little while), I’m sort of back on line. You would not believe the number of breakdowns we’ve had around our house lately. Not just the router, but Jon’s computer also went down, our dishwasher’s top hose burned out. In fact, I can’t even remember what all, although I know it’s been a very long list! However, I’m going to try to turn over a new leaf and start relaying all the wonderful blessings of God instead of seeing all the frustrations. Jon and Gerlinde had a wonderful reception. I was amazed and so touched by all the love and support from our chapel family as well as the tireless efforts of two of my dear, dear friends and family. Praise God for family and loved ones! Now it’s on to the Thanksgiving holiday and we’re enjoying the company of Aaron and Dan’s families as well as…well, let’s just say we have everyone but Michael and Kathy’s families, and although Stephen had to go back to MSU for today, he’ll be back home tomorrow night. What a thrill it is to have all the kids around! In fact, I’m going to quit writing and go play some more legos with Reuben and Gideon! So, I probably won’t be back for another week. But, I want you to know that I am so thankful to the Lord for his wonderful mercies and love, for strength and purpose for each today and bright hope for tomorrow! I’m also grateful to each dear friend who takes the time and cares enough to read about what’s goin’ on at the Armstrongs. I feel like a drowned rat and a bad  friend this year. HOPEFULLY, things will calm down in January.

Good News!

We  just returned from our post-operative visit with Alan’s doctor, and although there was some cancer even in the edges of the tissue that was removed, there is only a 5% chance that Alan will need radiation treatments. He’ll go back in 5 weeks for a check, but as long as his PSA stays down, he is more or less “home free” and may die of old age or something besides prostate cancer. We are feeling very celebratory! Thank you, God!!

The Saga Continues

Not to complain, but if you don’t hear much from me for a bit more, it’s because I’m still busy tending my beloved husband and our household, which seems to be falling apart on all sides! Besides Alan and my computers being stolen, our main household computer went down and won’t be up and running again until they get the parts on Saturday. Our cat, Davy Crockett, has a UTI and I had to run him to the vet today! Our old Civic had a flat tire. I took it in for repair, and they said all four tires needed to be replaced…further more, the studs on the tires were breaking off. So, $252.00 later (they gave me a break on the tires because they hadn’t survived for the allotted 70,000 miles), I took the Civic over to our auto repair guy. They found $900 worth of trouble just waiting to happen, including dry ball bearings and 12 of 16 wheel studs being faulty. I picked that up this morning. The electrician worked here all day, and—wonder of wonders—the electricity is working again. He said the wires burned out right at the garage wall and could have burned the house down! I just wrote the check to pay him for all he did…another $900. Yikes! My sister Annie says she thinks Satan has put out an all-points bulletin for this parish’s demons: Picnic at the Armstrong’s house: BYOT (trouble)…or something like that!

Well, maybe so or maybe not. I do know the Lord promises that “all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose.” I do know I love God with all my heart, and so I am just waiting expectantly for the good. It may not be anything I can see or touch, but I know that good will come to someone somewhere, even if it’s simply the ability to comfort somebody else when they go through deep waters.

Alan has been up and walking a bit now and then, although he still doesn’t have much energy. Our pastor was over today, and that was very cheery. We haven’t heard any report from the lymph node biopsies yet, but tomorrow Alan will have X-rays and a doctor’s appointment, so we’re assuming we’ll know something by then.

Thanks for all the encouraging notes and for PRAYING. It is a wonderful blessing to part of this grand family of God…to be loved by him, to be his child, to be able to “sit on his lap” often and enjoy the precious privilege of fellowship with such fabulous sisters and brothers!!