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The First and the Last and the First

Well, the last day of hunting season is over, and it’s the first day of December! Did you get the deer of your dreams? We have a small herd of nearly a dozen deer that run our woods, but although … Continue reading

High Teas and Birthday Parties: Killing Three Birds with One Party

               Well, hopefully we didn’t really kill any birds, bees, or bodies, but we really did have fun last week with our annual high tea, and I wanted to share recipes for a couple of high tea staples: cucumber sandwiches … Continue reading

Taking a Dip In The Devil’s Pool and Enjoying the Loo with a View

Today I’m going to tell you about our thrilling adventure hanging out at the edge of the world’s largest waterfall, Victoria Falls, and swimming in the Devil’s Pool, although next Monday I’ll explain why I very strongly do not recommend it…not … Continue reading

Two Upscale (and Delicious) Recipes for Brussels Sprouts

Have you noticed how vegetables come and go in popularity just like clothing styles? In the past couple of years, Brussels sprouts and green beans have made a definite comeback, and today I want to share two favorite discoveries for … Continue reading

Rise Up, My Love (211): And He Shall Lift Thee Up

Song of Solomon 6:12 “Or ever I was aware, my soul made me like the chariots of Amminadib.”   Commentators are almost unanimous that this verse is the most difficult to interpret in the Song and one of the most … Continue reading

Humorous and Provocative Reflections à la Rogue River

Time for another break! My oldest son, Aaron, was born on my 25th birthday, and we’ve had the joy of celebrating most of our birthdays together ever since.This year was no exception, although it was exceptional that we could share … Continue reading

The Beauty of Vegetable Soup: It’s Healthy, Wholesome, and can be Homemade

Probably most of you don’t think of making soup as worthy subject for study, but I have one daughter-in-law who lost her mom at 13 and didn’t learn to cook (although she’s a great cook now). I’ll never forget her … Continue reading

The World’s Largest (and Most Luscious?) Museum: Musée du Louvre

Whether you experience April in Paris—or Paris in any other season— save a day for the world’s largest (and some say grandest) museum, the Louvre. One could easily get lost in thought within for a week, but the Louvre deserves … Continue reading

A Close Call: Five Tornadoes Touch Down in Grand Rapids

Last Saturday our city’s emergency alarm system started to wail and our cell phones were abeep with warnings to take cover because a tornado had touched down and was heading our way. It was raining lightly, but the sky wasn’t … Continue reading

Those Frustrating (and sometimes scary) Roadblocks

In the last few weeks we’ve had two trees come down across our lane. The first was during a bad storm, so it wasn’t completely unexpected, but this past week a tree by our gate split for no obvious reason … Continue reading