Okay, Deb, Here are a Few!

Well, I’m almost back in the land of the living and semi-organized. The house looks fairly normal. The 13 loads of bedding and other laundry are done, only a few socks and toys missed the trip to the P.O. to return stuff, and believe it or not…the fridge is almost empty. Kathy’s biggest request was that we all have fun. That we did!

Here are just a few pictures. If you want more, check out my FaceBook, where downloading is a breeze!

img_2780The happy couple: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson

n208702548_32337145_7470The bridesmaids, all of whom are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. From left to right: Carleen Armstrong, Melanie Ingland, Kathy Kristine now Johnson, Grace Armstrong, and Jennifer Wells. Melanie and Jennifer are sisters and have been dear friends of Kathy since they were months old. It was through Jennifer’s wedding that Kathy met Carl two years ago.

n208702548_32337131_3091Here are the happy parents of the bride. Alan and I will celebrate our 36th anniversary next week. We survived, and we approve!

Praise the Lord for wonderful friends and family and all the joys of life that God allows us to experience!