The Armstrong Archives (30): Weber’s Inn and Belle Isle

February 13, 1977  Aaron [16-months] is getting to be more and more fun…and busy! Always up to something. He is a real match for Alan, too. Remember how Alan always makes a face and says, “You won’t like it!” when he’s eating something especially yummy? He did that last night, and Aaron made a face right back. Then all through the meal they’d both make a face every time they took a bite. Alan would point and say, “Look, Aaron!” then steal his plate. Pretty soon Aaron was pointing off in the distance trying to get Alan to look at nothing too. I’m sure if his arm were longer he’d have taken Alan’s food too. Those guys!

Monday, February 21, 1977  Well, we’ve had a super weekend! I called the doctor yesterday (talked to a nurse). They seemed to have “temporarily” misplaced my pregnancy test, but she said she was pretty sure it had been positive, which means if her memory isn’t failing, we’ll need a nurse maid sometime in October, probably the latter part. The technical due date is the same as Aaron’s, September 24th, but I feel quite sure I’ve not been pregnant very long. At least, I’ve only been feeling miserable for a couple of weeks. I don’t remember feeling so sick with Aaron, so I thought maybe something else was going on, but it’s always hard to remember the unpleasant parts of life, so maybe I’ve just forgotten. YUK! Anyway, I’m hopeful it won’t last too long. It makes me short-tempered with Aaron, and he’s at an age where he requires huge doses of patience!Weber's InnWe went to Weber’s Inn for Friday night and spent the whole time relaxing. It was just super! The first time since last summer (when we went to Mackinac Island) that I was able to completely relax for more than a couple of hours! They have just about priced us out of the competition there. In the four years we’ve been going there, the prices have more than doubled. Yips! But even one day was such a marvelous break. Mary Sokoly babysat and said that Aaron got along just fine until Saturday afternoon, and then he started running to the door looking for “Mama.” We got home shortly thereafter.

It’s starting to look like spring outside. The snow is almost all gone, and the sky has been deep blue. It’s predicted to be cold for another month though. Aaron has started helping set the table. He carries in the silverware and sets it on the table, then gives himself a hardy round of applause. He has also started cooking when I cook. He digs out all the unused pans, puts on their tops, and arranges them all over the kitchen floor. Then he goes from pan to pan and lifts the top, pretending to stir, blow, or smell. “M-m-m” he says approvingly, then moves on to the next pot. Quite the chef!

Wednesday, March 2, 1977  The sight of food makes me sick these days, and it’s just about all I can do to get a decent meal on the table. I can’t believe how lousy I’ve been feeling the last few weeks, but luckily I can blame it all on hormones and hope it passes soon. Hormones and colds, since we all have colds right now!Whitcomb_Conservatory WIki                (Whitcomb Conservatory at Belle Isle, 2005, from Wikipedia)              We went to the Belle Isle Aquarium last week and saw the tail end of a winter flower show at the plant conservatory. Aaron went wild over all the big tanks of “ca” (fish)! He is really adding to his vocabulary these days and now says “do” (g) and “pi” (g) as well as “ca” (t) for animals. It seems like every few days he adds a word to his vocabulary. I’m trying to teach him “nana” and “papa” for Grandma and Grandpa. He can say them, but as he doesn’t associate them with you, they are meaningless so far. Only two more weeks until spring break. I can hardly wait!