Bonny Jonny

Jonathan and Gerlinde just make me so happy! Tuesday was Jonathan’s 32nd birthday and also his spring break, so Alan and I got to spend the entire day celebrating with their family. Here they are first thing in the morning…

Jonny was always such a happy, easy-going baby. I used to say he was made out of sugar-plated gold. Amelie is too! God has given them a real treasure! 🙂Breakfast was a hit: waffles with fruit jams, juice and cappuccinos.And, then we were off to explore Kettle Falls, a tiny little community about 80 minutes north of Spokane and just 30 miles south of the Canadian border.The star attraction in this one-horse town was a new German bakery that just opened a couple of months ago, where Jon and Linda could load up on authentic German breads…and wonderful sandwiches and pastries, which we used for picnicking at the village’s “Happy Dell” park.After lunch, we took “Jane” (their car) to a remote little turnout near Lake Roosevelt, which is a reservoir on the Columbia River.

While Linda nursed Amelie and Alan took an afternoon snooze, Jonathan and I took a hike along the sandy bank/riverbed of the great Columbia River, which is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest, and the river by which the Lewis and Clark expedition finally ended at the Pacific Ocean, back in 1805-06.We returned home in time to have a festive dinner at Jon’s favorite restaurant, “Europa Restaurant and Bakery.”The food really was incredibly good,

and as Linda predicted, the desserts were “to die of,”but—for me—the very best part was the grand company!The evening ended with fun at homeand lots of wonderful gifts graciously provided by Linda, who really does look out for Jonathan! Without her, I don’t know if he’d have even a decent pair of jeans to his name, but she takes such good care of him! His suitcase was so broken down that one of his students (who had picked him up at the airport last month) asked him why he didn’t buy another one. We noticed the same thing last time he came home, and so we took him to town to get a carry-on.He pretended to be utterly surprised when he opened it, and we all had so much fun. Now he won’t have to feel embarrassed when he travels…which is often!Once, when Jonathan was only about 8, our basement flooded on his birthday. Instead of spending the afternoon going to a park, as we had planned, we had to spend the whole day frantically trying to stop and clean up the flooding.That night I felt like such a failure as a mom when I tucked him in. “Did you have any fun at all?” I asked. He looked up at me with the most angelic smile, and his eyes were shining: “Oh, yes! It all worked out, and I had a green cake!” (His favorite color has always been green.) Jon’s eyes are still shining, and he still makes me cry because he’s so sweet. Only, now I’m happy too, because he has a wife and baby with shining eyes, and he told me before we left, “Mom, I’m never lonely any more!”

Thank you, Jesus!

“A wise son [and daughter-in-law] makes a glad father [and mother].”

(Proverbs 10:1)