So Now What?

DSCN7550Last night Alan and I went to a reception to welcome the first nine residents who are entering the new psychiatric residency program at Pine Rest. This is the thrilling culmination of several years of visionary planning and countless hours of work by Alan and others at Pine Rest, and so I was really excited to share the wonderful news with you. However, when I called Alan to clarify a few points, he was not at all sure what might be appropriate to share and was quite sure I should not post pictures from the reception (doctor confidentiality and all that, even though all the new residents are lovely people and the reception was delightful), so I reluctantly scraped that idea. (This picture was from a fundraiser we attended last fall, not last night’s event.) DSCN3030The other blog project I’d been working on was an update on Kathy and Carl, who were visiting last week. Carl recently went to Israel, working on the film crew for his church, and I wanted to share a bit of the story of his adventures. However, almost all the pictures of him were taken by others (since he was busy with video production), and so it seemed only right to get his friends’ permission first…which I haven’t obtained yet.  So, I’m stymied there too. 561191_449826181704617_1019988838_nUsually on Friday mornings I’m assisting my son Daniel at his dental clinic, so I write something quick and light…fun passed along to me from friends…but this morning—with extra time—I imagined trying to do something more serious.Medical Joke    However, I am reminded again that cartoons and posters are a great way to 1904142_10152168044079086_1042622182_n    brighten up your day, and passing along helpful tips from others can be very Crime Stopper       worthwhile…maybe even more needed than what I might have shared. FROM "Jesus Loves You" Photos   So, if you’re feeling frustrated because you’re not able to do what you thought should be doing today, I hope both you and I will find fulfillment in seeking
and finding His will, not ours: “As for God, his way is perfect” (Psalm 18:30).

“Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”
(Matthew 6:10)