Happy Hunting…but do you know What you’re hunting for?

10-point buckI’ve never gone hunting with a gun, but I am definitely on the hunt right now. Are you a hunter? It’s deer hunting season in the U.S., and this morning one of my friends posted this picture of her 87-year-0ld father, who bagged a 10-point buck on the very first day! Diane said what made her the happiest was the fact that even though a number of her dad’s fellow hunters had been tracking this buck for several years, they were all super excited for him and celebrated the victory joyously (even though—of course—they all would have liked to have been the one to shoot him). Deer on our Lane                             This morning on my walk, I saw a few of our deer. Deer watching me in field We have a small herd that roam our woods, and sometimes they remind me for all the world of Bambi’s family, so I can’t imagine shooting them with anything more lethal than a camera. Squirrel on our railingJPG But, like I said, I am on the hunt, because we have something in our attic. At first I thought a burglar was in our house, but then I realized it was critterish. They settle down (in our attic) for sleep just as the sun’s arisin’, but they wake up all discombobulated if I run a vacuum or make much noise. In fact, they’re making their shrill, irritable warning sounds right this minute. Therefore, we’ve contracted with someone who’s promised to live-trap them today and let them go on state land south of town. Coon in Tree He thinks they must be squirrels, but they sure sound like coons to me. One of our sons had squirrels in his attic that caused hundreds of dollars of damage. Whoever they are, they don’t have authorization to be here, and they’ll doubtless do structural damage to our home if they stay, so we’re going to extricate them. Squirrel in a treeJPG What about you? Got anything in your attic that’s causing a disturbance and needs to be kicked out? Happy hunting! Know that when you succeed, true friends will celebrate with you!

“Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards,
for our vineyards are in blossom” (Song of Solomon 2:15).