R’n’R’s ‘n’ B’n’Bs

“Rambles and Reflections on the Broadways and Byways of Britain”

Flying back from London Heathrow to Chicago O’Hare on an American Airline flight, I sipped a coke and sat dreamily peering out the window at the world turning slowly 38,000 feet below. It was a cloudless morning. Wales and Ireland slipped by in what seemed like minutes, and we were over the vast Atlantic. I picked up my napkin and read: “Turn flights and everyday purchases into lifetime memories.” Of course! What better way to invest the next eight hours, especially since my beloved husband was totally engrossed in the movies offered on our transatlantic flight? I began writing notes feverishly on the napkin, and when every square inch was covered, I pulled apart the only other writing surface I could find: a waxed paper sack for “motion discomfort.”Now here I am a week later, transcribing all my reflections to begin a journey into “lifetime memories” built with my husband and two sons as we toured Ireland, Scotland, and England on our “British Isles 101” adventure (so dubbed because we saw about 101 sites!). I may be slow to get off the ground, because Michael’s family is coming to visit tomorrow for five days on their way from Germany to Hawaii, where Michael will be involved in a two-year dental residency. However, I’m very excited so share my experiences, so I hope you’ll check in again and enjoy my reflections on our rambles through the broadways and byways of Britain!