The Power of an Endless Life

For the last few days it’s been raining like fury. Have you ever noticed how the world looks greener and more beautiful after an electrical storm? The electricity actually releases nitrogen into the atmosphere, and I like to think of it as God fertilizing and watering his garden, Earth.

I took advantage of the break in heat and mosquitoes to buy lots of clearance flowers and planted them—with the superb help of Joel and Stephen—along our fence line for hopefully years of future beauty. One of my goals in life is to create beauty from chaos and try to help restore my little corner of the world to its original garden state.

Of course, yielding to the Master Gardener so that my heart and the hearts of others will be restored to loving trust in our Heavenly Father is an even more noble task. Jon and Gerlinde have spent the summer planting the seeds of God’s Word in the fertile hearts of seminarians. Last week they traveled from Kenya to Tanzania, and I haven’t heard from them since. As an all-too-typical mother, one side of my stomach has been chomping on the other side while I await word of their continued safety. As I was meditating on the Bible this week, I was struck by Hebrews 7:16. The passage is speaking of Christ: “Who is made, not after the law of a carnal commandment, but after the power of an endless life.” The words just sort of jumped at me off the page…”the power of an endless life.” Through faith in Christ we receive forgiveness for our sins and his eternal life. The power of the gospel is that we are set free from sin and will life forever. Even though our physical bodies will die, our spirits will not, and someday we will experience a physical resurrection like that of Christ. This takes the pain out of risking our lives to try to reach others with the love, peace, and joy that Christ made freely available to us. This is the power that is ours…the power of an endless life! That’s even more marvelous than the power of lightning streaking across the sky.