Fast Pass: New York, Hawaii, Washington, Disney, and Home

It seems I just can’t resist taking a few posts now and then in order to share the joys of our family. Over the weekend, little Giles Crispin Armstrong was bornto Carleen and Aaron. Praise the Lord for a safe birth and healthy new son! Carleen is exactly the same age I was when our fourth was born, but whereas we had three peas in a pod (boys) and then a girl…they have FOUR boys! Wow! (BTW, the hammock is a gift from the company Aaron worked for, although after 5 years he taken a new job with a company closer to home.)Carlie’s heroic and very loving parents have arrived to help out. Three cheers!!!Meanwhile, across the country and ocean in Hawaii, Judah Cerulean (alias “Judahblue,” as I like to call him) is doing just great!I don’t know if Alan and I will ever have 4 grandchildren in 4 months again, but it sure is fun! Here is Michael, our second-born, with Judah, his third-born!And, here is Michael’s  sweet wife, Grace, with their two little girls, enjoying Memorial Day in Kauai, Hawaii.So…2 boys and 2 girls! Here’s my third-born’s first born, little Amelie Louise.I just got to spend a little time with Jon while he was at a conference in Chicago (but that is a another story). It was so fun! Their family is doing just great.They’ve finished their teaching year and plan to spend some time in Germany with Gerlinde’s family this summer.Kathy and Carl came here for Memorial Day. Whew! At least we have one grand baby in-state to spoil!Carl’s now able to put 80 pounds of weight on his foot and hopes to be walking without a crutch this summer. (He’s using a crutch here, altho you can’t see it.)Iris is a little bundle of joy and energy who could star in Sleepless in Detroit.Between commuting Carl to work and physical therapy, and a baby who only likes to sleep “in arms” and preferably not much at all during the nights, Kathy is getting run ragged, but she’s really doing a great job. She has a tough row to hoe!Daniel and Brianna attended Ted’s (B’s brother) graduation from Ranger School (following graduation from West Point last spring.) Thank you, valiant soldiers! May you defend our country and people everywhere from oppression and evil!Afterwards, they took Brianna’s three youngest siblings with them to Florida for a camping trip to Fort Wilderness (carrying on our family tradition) and to visit some of Disney’s theme parks. Three cheers for older siblings!Stephen and Joel went to Hawaii to celebrate the end of school and help out with Mike and Grace’s kids, especially their new baby, Judah.Besides chasing the girls (which is always an adventure),they had lots of fun swimmingand fooling around with Michael, who’s always been a Peter Pan, can-do, let’s have funner fun!They went swimming almost every day after Mike got off work,and they learned to surf. (This is Joel coming in at sunset.)One morning they got up super early and climbed Cocoa Head (even Grace!) while their babysitter watched the kids.And, some days Stephen and Joel explored and hiked on their own.Joel’s had to return home for work,but Stephen stayed longer so he could work on his tan (well, maybe not)! 🙂So, that’s the latest on our kids and grand kids. I don’t know if you were wondering, but I’ve been just dying to tell you, so thanks for listening!

“And you shall rejoice in in all the good which the LORD your God has given to you and to your house” (Deuteronomy 26:11).