Wonderful Weekend!

Have you heard that I’ve been having trouble with my computer lately? Something crashed on it, and I can’t seem to  find the mouse anymore! (Okay, so it’s corny, and it’s not original with me, but I thought it was so cute I had to pass it along!)

There’s nothing like a weekend with not a lot of pressing responsibilities to rejuvenate the spirits! I’m about as relaxed at the kitten above! This weekend was the perfect combination of spectacular weather (sunny and in the 80°s), just the right amount of work (a few miscellaneous chores like weeding the gardens and mending, but nothing too taxing…by the way, I found a toad hiding in the back of my gardening shoes out in the garage when I went to put them on; I’m so glad it wasn’t a spider or a snake 🙂  ), and lots of pleasurable hours preparing and enjoying meals and fellowship with our family and our kids’ friends.

Highlights of Saturday included a leisurely breakfast with Kathy’s new friend from Ann Arbor (who seems like a very nice young man), some chores, a nap, and then the younger boys’ best friend, Steve C. came over in time for tea and snacks, a swim, picking blueberries, dinner at our favorite Greek dive in Grand Haven, and a long walk along the boardwalk, topped off with a video on The Importance of Being Earnest.

Highlights of Sunday included the worship service (we have a weekly communion hour) and then the regular morning service, a picnic lunch with pulled pork barbecue, biscuits, summer squash and zuchinni (compliments of church friends and their abundant garden!), salad, fresh blueberries, and lemonade… a nap, tea time with more of Joel’s wonderful cake (an afternoon nap and tea time have become standard fixtures in our home on weekends 🙂   ) a leisurely swim in the pool, and a canoe ride around the lake, which is now edged with lily pads and the first flushes of pinking loose strife.

Why I should be so privileged as to live in America and enjoy such a peaceful, happy life is a total mystery to me…an indescribable gift of God’s grace. But, I’m immensely grateful. May I remember these beautiful summer days of life and learn to praise God during the winter too!