Sam I Am Visits The High Desert Museum

Porcupine eating carrotHave you ever watched a porcupine eat a carrot? Skunk Walked right up to a skunk? Chipmunk holding finger copy Held hands with a chipmunk? Badger Watched a badger trot along beside someone as if he were their pet poodle?  Grandparents playing with baby Well, me either…until just last month! The HIgh Desert Museum My sister kept urging us to go to the High Desert Museum, Lynx Sleeping but frankly, a museum just didn’t sound interesting HIgh Desert Museum 2 on a trip out west  where the skies were not cloudy all day. Owl 2 I mean, really…whooo’d want to be in a stuffy old museum Bobcat when they could be out exploring in a natural wonderland? Looking into pool Still, like Dr. Seuss’s Sam I Am, and just to make my sister happy, we went.Rainbow Trout We were totally delighted with what we found! Beaver The museum has an extensive collection of fascinating exhibits Look! both indoors and outdoors.High Desert Museum 3  The day we were there, Listening to lecture they had 10 special programs that were very educational Feeding Porcupine as well as entertaining Golden Eagle  on such diverse subjects as “Desert Dwellers Show,” Bald Eagle 7.31.14 “Raptors of the Desert Sky,” Otter 7.31.14 “Otter Talk,” IMG_0507 and a “Spirit of the West Exhibit Tour.” 1904 Miller Family Ranch At the “1904 Miller Family Ranch and Sawmill” Ame sweeping we felt like true wild west pioneers settling into a genuine log cabinInterpreter in period costume and enjoyed interacting with a living history interpreter in period costume IMG_0450 who was a charming hostess and very knowledgeable about Authentic Log Cabin life out west at the turn of the century. Covered Wagon My sister had warned us  to take a picnic lunch because it would take a long time  Child peering into streamto see everything, IMG_0466 but Sam I Am (that’s me) assured her that nobody would last more than 3 hours Teepee at a museum. Chipmunk 7.31.14 However, as per usual, my big sister was right Lizard and I was wrong! Tent for soldiersPlan for a long stay if you get a chance to explore The High Desert Museum, IMG_0533 and bring lots of provisions, Indian mocassins’cause ya just might decide ta take yer moccasins off Indian Teepeeand make yerselves at home fer awhile. Saying about HomeHowever, if you do forget to pack a picnic from home, Eating at Rimrock Cafethey sell green eggs and ham at the Rimrock Cafe (well… at least  green burritos),Silver Stage Trading Store and if you’re looking for a little something special, the Silver Sage Trading Store Scorpion Suckerssells mighty fine scorpion suckers. (For real, but they promise they’re non-toxic.)IMG_0471Well, I could go on all day telling you about how much fun we had, Porcupine 7.31.14but I bet you’ve already gotten my point.IMG_0461By the way, do you have anyone in your life (besides me) urging you
to reach out by faith and try Jesus? Are you still not sure? IMG_0462I hope that—like Sam I Am and me (and Baby Sophie)—you’ll give God a try. IMG_0463I believe you’ll be just as thrilled as we are! IMG_0464“O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusts in him.” (Psalm 34:8)

(I took all the pictures during our day at The High Desert Museum.)