Bird Brain

When I returned home from Hawaii one week ago, this lovely sight greeted me: a robust robin perched in the lilac bushes outside my bedroom window. “Ah, what a beautiful Michigan spring! How serene,” I thought to myself.It was only 9:30 am, but I was too tired to unpack and so I decided to take a nap. No sooner had I closed my eyes than I heard a loud “Bonk” against the window.I got up and looked out the window. The robin was sitting back in the lilac bush, but looking a little worried and confused. “Must have seen his reflection in the glass,” I thought, as I lay back down wearily in my bed.No sooner did I have my eyes closed than I heard a scraping sound and a whirring of wings beating against the window.By this time, the bird was looking quite distressed, and I felt very sorry for it. I waved my arms in the window and explained sympathetically that my bedroom would make a very poor place for a nest, and that she should be content to build in the lilac bush where she was sitting, or any of hundreds of other trees close by.She paid no attention to my advice whatsoever, although then she started attacking the window to the left.I felt so sorry for her that I couldn’t sleep, and so I got up and decided to work until she realized her mistake and chose another nesting site.But, she did not stop! She kept dive bombing the window all that day until sunsetand then started again promptly at 6:45 am Thursday morning. She kept up this routine all day Thursday and all day Friday! I couldn’t believe it. When she got tired of trying to get in one set of windows, she’d go around the corner and try to get in through the balcony.She was marking up the windows dreadfully from hitting them so often, and I could tell she was deeply distressed, but I didn’t know how to help her. I opened the balcony door and invited her in, but she wouldn’t come…nor would she have ultimately been happy inside our home. When the robin woke Alan up Saturday morning with her banging, Alan taped newspapers to the window thinking that would stop her. He said a bird that stupid didn’t deserve to reproduce, but I felt sorry for her, thinking about how sad it was that she could not seem to give up on an unattainable goal. Over the weekend, she gradually worked her way down the north wall of our home, and Monday morning at 6:45 am she began dive-bombing our tea room.Joel posted Davy in the tea room, and he has been happy to serve on guard duty!On Monday and Tuesday, Robin Redbreast continued her vigil, but with less intensity.And finally, this morning, a week later, I don’t hear her banging anywhere! 🙂Sweet peace! I sincerely hope she’s found a resting place where she may build a nest. I’d love it if she’s close enough to our home so that I can watch her babies grow up. We once had robins build a nest above our “Welcome” sign, and I just loved it. But—to keep trying to do the impossible—well, that’s sad.

It made me think: am I butting my head against a wall, trying to accomplish the impossible in some area? I think it would be wisdom to ask God but listen carefully and respond to His answer. Sometimes wisdom dictates that we stop trying, that we give up, that we accept human limitations. It is wisdom to understand that no other human being will ever fully understand us, and no one will respond to us with unfailing love the way God does. It is wisdom to forgive those who hurt us and to be compassionate toward those who betray us. It is wisdom to find our fulfillment in God and share his love with others, giving up any expectation of repayment. In wisdom is peace. Let’s not beat our heads against any unnecessary walls!

“Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss” (James 4:3).