Do You Pick to be Good?

Last summer, my son Daniel was at a wedding rehearsal dinner where he sat next to the child who was going to be the ring bearer. The little fellow looked up at Daniel and said very earnestly, “Do you pick to be good?” although he said it so fast and in such a high-pitched little voice that Daniel couldn’t understand what he was asking. After getting the youngster to repeat the question, Dan still couldn’t understand him. Brianna, who was sitting near, overheard the question and understood what the child was asking, and so she said to Daniel, “Just say yes.”

However, Daniel didn’t feel he could honestly answer a question without understanding what it was, and so he asked the little chap to repeat the question one more time…slowly. Finally, Dan understood that the boy was asking, “Do you choose to do right?”

“Ah! Yes, I do!” Daniel answered. “And, do you pick to be good?”

“Yes!” the little boy answered happily.

That simple, sincere question had such a profound impact on Daniel that he has felt inspired by it ever since, and he shared the account with the congregation at Calvary Baptist last Sunday. It reminded me of the young boy who gave his bread and fish with Jesus; he only had a little, but he shared it all, and the Lord used his “picking to be good” to touch thousands of lives!

I am so thankful that both the little boy and my son “pick to be good.” I “pick to be good” too. How about you?

“But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.”

Hebrews 13:16