D.U.I. of the D.I.A.

           aka “Dazzled Under the Influence of the Detroit Institute of Art” 🙂 13Aaron cut his teeth on the exquisite masterpieces at the Detroit Institute of Art. 17Alan was in medical school and Aaron was just learning how to talk when we 21moved to the DeRoy Apts. on the campus of Wayne State University. Before 12long I discovered that Detroit’s incredible children’s library, the natural history 20museum, and the art museum were just three blocks from our front door and 21FREE! On many a sunny day, Aaron and I would take our morning stroll over to 13one of these great institutions and stand in awe of the priceless treasures stored 16 within their walls. So, when Aaron was in town last weekend with the Twitter 08team for U.M.’s commencement, it seemed all too natural that he’d opt to spend In Nature's Wonderland some time reminiscing our way through the D.I.A. Many of the pictures were 15familiar to him…some because they’re famous, but probably others because I  11 taught him vocabulary by studying the paintings: “Man!” 06“Horse!”  “Lady riding horse…” 18“Mountain!” “River.” “Rock.” “Trees.” “Men.” “Boat.” “Clouds…”19I’d lift him up into my arms, point to something and tell him the name. Pretty soon, he’d point at something for me to name! “Waterfall…bird…canyon!” 02By the time Michael was born and had joined the game, their favorite exhibit was03the hall lined with the shining armor of knights from days of old! Oh, the stories that we shared about the bravery of those noble knights! Museums are bursting  05with fuel for the imagination, and every picture tells a story! I have always been especially drawn to the beauty of Renaissance art, and the most common theme Fleeing from Sodom Benjamin West of their paintings are Bible stories, like this gorgeous depiction of Lot’s family fleeing from Sodom by Benjamin West 09or this ornate composition envisioning what it might have looked like when Jacob defended Rachel and Leah so they could water their father’s flocks. 10My very favorite paintings tell the gospel story—how Jesus died on the cross so that we can have forgiveness for our sins. Truly, an art museum us a wonderful place to take your child! Kids are never too young to enjoy great art, great history, great stories, and stories of great love!

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).