A Bit of a Whirling Dirvish

Alan and I have been back from Florida for almost a week, but I’m just now beginning to explore cyberspace again! Our trip was great: a 36th anniversary “retreat” where we spent long hours walking the beaches, listening to tapes, reading to each other, swimming, and relaxing. Lots happened that week! Our grandson Gideon had successful eye surgery to try to correct a lazy lid, although now he’s having trouble getting it all the way closed (instead of open)! We got rear-ended at a stop light by a truck that smashed in half our trunk and the right rear of the car. (We have yet to hear the end of this one!) We also took a trip down to a beach just north of the Kennedy Space Center and got to watch a launch of the Columbia Space Shuttle. We’ve been wishing to see a launch since our first unsuccessful attempt 28 years ago when Jonathan was an infant, so it was a tremendous pleasure to be able to witness this launch, although it was completely unanticipated. Made me think that I need to be more patient about everything! All our dreams and ambitions may…or may not…be realized, but probably most of them—if they’re ever realized—will happen much later than we originally plan, and then, it may be more a result of God’s sovereign grace than our personal planning and effort! Not to say “no use to try,” but to say that my life seems to be about dreaming, working, and then giving up my expectations!

Since coming home, Stephen has won his first music competition with a financial prize, we had a shower for Brianna, and Michael started a two-week intensive emergency field training course where you drag bodies under barbed wire with machine guns blazing overhead and such (I hope they’re using blanks!). Michael’s knees are very sore today, but he passed the first week (only something like 17 out of the 60 in his group did!) and is into the even more challenging second week where you do things like trying to navigate through total darkness and march distances with 50-pound ruck sacks on your back. Meanwhile, Gracie and Eowyn flew home standby to be with her family in Philly, so there a few silver linings in the clouds. (All prayers appreciated on pertinent subjects. Thanks!)

Jon and Gerlinde have set a wedding date for August 1. Just one year ago we had no clue any of our kids would be likely to marry soon, and now—in less than 8 months—we’re experiencing three engagements and three weddings! Besides that, we’ll have two graduations in May and a piano recital for Stephen at MSU. My eyes are wide, but I’m very happy!! Also very busy. If my writing continues to be sporadic, please know it’s not for a lack of desire to communicate, it’s for a lack of time to meditate! Still, Alan and I are meditating on the scriptures together every morning. I think that’s what keeps me from spinning off into oblivion!