Preserving the Past: Tomorrow, Yesterday, and Today,

Baby at gravestoneHave you given any thought about what will become of your body after you die?  Visiting the cemeteryBy nature, I favor the idea of giving mine up for scientific study, Scrutinizing King Tut's Body feeling particularly beholden to the man whose cadaver provided Alan’s first insight into how things look within the human body. Body Worlds Chesseplayer (*This was before Body Worlds and similarly incredible Human Body Museums existed; if you ever get a chance to visit one, I highly recommend it!) Scattering Ashes in the Rocky Mountains My parents were cremated and requested that their ashes be mingled and scattered to the winds where they courted and wed: The very Rocky Mountains.Watching my parents ashes being scatteredSad, but very romantic. As a family, we fulfilled that behest, Rocky Mountains and it seemed perfectly in character to watch them floating away
as free as larks on the mountain breezes! Cremation Alan and I have definitely considered having our ashes mingled and scattered Kissing by Lake Superioron Lake Superior somewhere, but we’re still thinking, Mother because many people favor a burial site where loved ones can come to mourn. Uncle Alvin. Aunt LolaMy relatives are from Colorado, and my siblings scattered to the four corners of America, so visiting cemeteries was never on my Memorial Day “to do” wishlist, Family at a cemetery but Jonathan really wanted to see where his progenitors were buried, Reid and Almaand so one of the last things we did on our Roots Tour was stop at the family burial plots for Alan’s parents, who both lived and died in the U.P. Visitng with Phyllis and Oren We also visited with two of Alan’s cousins to gather information
and hear some of the stories again. Looking at the Cemetery There is definitely something very stirring and therapeutic/provocative
in learning about our roots. Clyde In every family, there’s a mix of noble and ignoble, Little Girl with Grasshopper but I think most of us feel a deep need to connect with our past at some point.  CousinsOne particularly heartening idea for keeping connections with the past “present” resulted from visiting Phyl and Oren, who have been living fountains of blessing. Little boy with Birthday CakeFor some years, Phyl has had a ministry of making fabulous holiday greeting cards using pictures from Facebook. Personalized Greeting Card We have been the blessed recipient of some of those cards,
and I consider them a family treasure! Older couple Phyllis also made dozens of cards for her sweet husband, Birthday party which they kept in a box. Now, here’s the exciting part! Ordination  Recently, Oren’s memory has been slipping badly, Handmade greeting cards but Phyllis keeps the box of cards right beside Oren’s favorite chair, Older family and every day he looks through those cherished cards, remembering happy times Little girlwith his family, which helps to keep his memories fresher. Drawer of greeting cards Do you have old greeting cards that you haven’t known what to do with?
I did, but now I’m gathering them up in a drawer for “future reference,” Home made Greeting cardand when Alan and I are old and (even) grayer, we’ll be able to take them out
and remember the happy days of yesteryear. Sound like a plan?

And I said, This is my infirmity: but I will remember the years of the right hand of the most High. I will remember the works of the Lord: surely I will remember thy wonders of old. I will meditate also of all thy work, and talk of thy doings.” (Psalm 77:10-12)

(*Picture of Body Worlds from Chicago’s exhibition information,
and all the pictures of Phyl and Oren’s family are from her Facebook page!   🙂 )