How to Keep Your Sandcastles from Crumbling

D B+SThis has been one of the greenest, most glorious summers I can remember Moms and babies playing along Lake Michigan Shoreline in Michigan, although that’s certainly in stark contrast to much of America, Enjoying Lake Michigan Shoreline and it resulted in Lake Michigan remaining cool well past Stephen’s birthday, Hoffmaster State Parkwhen we traditionally take a trip to Hoffmaster State Park. Testing the water with toes at Lake Michigan Shoreline So, we tested the water Ready to swim at Hoffmaster State Park but didn’t really swim this time, Playing on beach at Hoffmaster State Park although it was pretty much the perfect day Hiking the Lake Michigan Shoreline to hike along their 3-mile shoreline Kiting at Hoffmaster State Park until we found a quiet spot for kiting Barrier Wall for sandcastle at Hoffmaster State Park and building sand castles. Baby Sam checking out the sand at Hoffmaster State Park I love that even if you don’t always get to do what you think you’re going to do, Lounging at Hoffmaster State Park if you’re with people you love, whatever you end up doing is still tons of fun. Joel at the helm flying a kite at Hoffmaster State Park It’s really about love and companionship Talking at the beach at Hoffmaster State Park…talking, sharing, and experiencing the simple pleasures of life together, isn’t it? Baby playing in sand at Hoffmaster State Park Praise God for loved ones, big and small! Baby checking out sand at Hoffmaster State Park We don’t have to swim in a big lake; Wading pool at Hoffmaster State Parkwe can still have fun stomping in a pool! Watching Daddy Build Sandcastle Hoffmaster State Park We don’t need to live in a castle; Family Fun at Hoffmaster State Park it’s plenty of fun just working together building one in the sand! Plane flying by beach Family Fun at Hoffmaster State Park We don’t really need to fly off into the wild, blue yonder;Flying a kite at Hoffmaster State Park we can have a wonderful time flying a kite together instead! Building sandcastles along Lake Michigan ShorelineSo, it occurred to me that if you want to keep your sandcastles from crumbling, Daddy's Little Helper building a sandcastle at Hoffmaster State Parkit’s not so much in protecting your dreams There goes the kite at Hoffmaster State Park as it is in keeping your eyes on the real dream of life! Sandcastle at Hoffmaster State ParkAnd now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”
1 Corinthians 13:13