The Piano Tuner

Playing MusicWhen my mother was a little girl (nearly 100 years ago now), she was so moved by her father playing his violin after dinner that sometimes she’d run outside lest anyone notice her crying. I believe music speaks the language of the soul: It can muster men to war or persuade them to peace. It can arouse love or lust, inspire courage or fear, and splash long shadows of light or dark across the canvas of our hearts. Like my mother, I find music’s energy and passion so evocative that I have  to be disciplined about what kind of music I hear, knowing its powerful influence can be used in both positive and negative ways. For instance, soothing music can lull me even when I’m wakeful, but epic themes arouse me even when I’m sleepy. Do you love music? How do you respond to it? Baby at Piano The musical centerpiece in our home is a piano that Alan bought me when he started his residency. It has weathered 35+ years of use and abuse as all 7 of our children learned to love, read, sing, and play music. During our “Second Sunday” years of having the youth group over, we had to move it to the basement, where there was more room for a band and 25 singing kids. 354 A Stephen Playing Piano (1) Our sixth-born, Stephen, fell in love with piano and practiced by the hour and year until he left this fall to work on his PhD at Eastman School of Music. Playing and Singing And so, 20 years later, we’ve moved our beloved piano back upstairs, where it can again be a part of our sunlit living room. Steve Jewell. Piano tuner However, after the piano tuner finished tuning it a few weeks ago, he mentioned that the action wasn’t right and the keys weren’t perfectly level. So, he came back again to repair that problem. However, just before he left, we noticed that the right pedal squeaks. Piano tuner tools He took some time trying to fix it by improvising with a piece of leather but was candid enough to explain that the piano might not be worth what it would cost to have it repaired properly, since part of it is broken and would require factory parts…which probably aren’t made anymore. Sigh. Piano keyboardWell, we still love our piano, but it is getting old. In our youth, we couldn’t afford the type of instrument that would have lasted for generations. Now Alan and I are trying to decide if it would make sense to try to have it replaced. Meanwhile, the thought came to me that even though our piano is getting old, when Stephen plays it, it sounds awesome! I feel like I’m living in a music hall when he’s home!Piano lessons? There will come a day when my aging body will no longer be worth repairing (not meaning to be macabre, and I hope not for another 25 years or so), but in the meantime, I’m thankful that under “the touch of the Master’s hand,” my life still has the potential to produce sweet music. Piano. Action repair“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” (Ephesians 2:10)

(P.S.—If you’re looking for a good piano tuner in the GR area, let me know. I can definitely recommend this man, who learned the business from his grandfather and has been tuning pianos for 50 years now!)