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Lessons from the Desert: It’s a Men’s World

Cow in TruckHad I not read up on Islam and the Middle East before heading to Tunisia, Tire shop I would have been totally shocked to discover Watermelons for sale in Tunisia that it really is a men’s world there. Food for sale in back of truck. Tunisia It’s almost as if women (and children) don’t exist. Truck Selling Dates by side of road in Tunisia We traveled some 800 miles Roadside Stand. Tunisia from Tunis to Douz Gasoline for sale in Tunisia through the heart of Tunisia, Busy Street in Tunisia and I was constantly impressed by how the streets were filled with men. Street Scene Typical in Tunisia Where were the women and children?Men working on road in Tunisia 3 I mean, I wasn’t surprised to see men working hard doing construction work, Men working on road in Tunisia on road crews, Trucks on Highway in Tunisia and driving trucks. Men working on road in Tunisia 2 That’s hard, heavy work and requires manly strength. Lone woman on road in Tunisia But, it was very rare to see a woman out at all, Market in Tunisia even shopping, and when I did spot a woman, she was generally covered Women very well covered in Tunisia from head to toe in clothing that must have been stifling in such hot weather.  Motorcycles and MenI’ve read that Muslim women hang out in their homes, Dates for sale in Tunisia but as one who loves sunshine, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. Motorcycles everywhere in Tunisia I saw many, many more motorcycles Goats and Sheep grazing in Tunisia —and even goats and sheep—than women or children. Tree with men under. Tunisia On the other hand, it seemed there was a group of men sitting under every tree, Men on street in Tunisiaand I wondered why more of them weren’t working. Gas for sale in Tunisia I know that since the revolution in 2011 Men under shady tree. Tunisia there has been an unemployment rate upwards of 15%, Melons for sale in Tunisia and that is very sad. Cafe Paris Men and Motorcycles. Tunisia Still, it seemed strange to be in a world devoid of women or children…Street scene in Tunisia even if we were just driving by Cities filled with men in Tunisia and I was sitting in relative obscurity inside our bus. Men sitting around in Tunisia The cafes were filled with men. Gathering of Men in Tunisia The streets were filled with men. Men Everywhere on Street in Tunisia The shops were filled with men. Market full of Men in Tunisia The markets were filled with men.Taxi Stand. Men waiting in Tunisia Even the taxi stands were filled with men.Roadside Stand in Tunisia  It all seemed very dull and oppressive to me, Shop along highway. Tunisia like something is very seriously wrong. Men in market. TunisiaHow glum the world seems when more than half the population is excluded!Busy street scene. FRance It also made me very thankful when we arrived later in France Church in Annecy, France to be back in a Christian culture where the streets  and shops and cafes Cafe scene in France are filled with men and women busily pursuing life together. Market in Grenoble  It’s true that Christian cultures sometimes badly misuse their freedoms, Children on Bridge in Grenoble but I’m so thankful women and children in Christian cultures enjoy great liberty! La Brasserie in GrenobleMay we choose wisely, live responsibly, Fun in Annecy and be thankful every day for the graces we enjoy! Couple on bridge in Annecy, FranceEnjoy life with the woman whom you love all the days of your fleeting life which He has given to you under the sun; for this is your reward in life and in your toil in which you have labored under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 9:9, NASB).