Things You May Not Know About Billy Graham: What is the Greatest Need in the World Today?

If you’ve watched the popular series about Queen Elizabeth called The Crown, you may know that Billy Graham preached in her chapel,  but did you know that over the course of his life, Billy Graham preached in 185 different countries on all six inhabited continents to about 215 million people
                            (and approximately 2.2 billion across airways)?  Did you know that he appeared on Gallup’s List of Most Admired Men and Women 55 times…more than any other person on earth?! Since Billy Graham’s passing from this life to the next a couple of days ago, I’ve noticed an unbelievable number of (ungrounded) negative comments mixed in with the positives, which stirs me to point out a few of the undisputed positive aspects of his career.    #1. There was never a scandal related to his public or private life.  He  had a policy of never being alone in a room with any woman other than his wife, and even in his last years, he continued that policy.                          He was a faithful husband who did not abuse women!                  #2.There was never any question about his finances.  Despite his world fame and popularity, which could have made him fabulously wealthy, Billy Graham always drew a (relatively modest) salary and kept his financial records open to public.  #3. He never wavered from teaching the clear, simple gospel message from the Bible, which even Pope Paul II endorsed: Billy Graham practiced what he preached. He lived a life of integrity and faith because he was truly transformed by the power of the gospel. Without a doubt, Billy Graham has been one of the most influential men in history,       and he has introduced the Bible and the claims of Christ to more leaders          than any other person in the world during the twentieth century.    So, rather than writing him off as some disreputable religious fanatic, please consider how this man, by steadily living out the life of Christ within him, had the opportunity to implore an entire generation around the world to seek God, salvation, and good rather than lust and greed.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33…that’s all good things related to a life of spiritual abundance, which Jesus promised to those who believe).

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What about Bob? Creativity and Kindness

Bob isn’t a psychiatric patient, he’s a psychiatrist, and a great one…or, at least he was. Bob and Beth are about our age, although they’ve recently retired while Alan and I are still in the “shall I? shan’t I?” stage. I’m quite sure Alan will retire in the next few years, but one of the things that holds us back is the question all retired people inevitably ask and have to answer: What will we do after we retire?I got a forward a few days ago about an elderly man who took a position at a retail store but arrived late for work more than once. After a couple of offenses, he was hauled into the boss’s office for a lecture. At the end of his severe reprimand, the boss asked, “What did they do at your previous job when you were late?”

“Well, I guess they just said, ‘Good morning, Admiral! Can I bring you a cup of coffee?'”

I think it’s easy to forget that “old folks” had active lives. Most retirees held down respectable jobs, reared families, and have children and grandchildren. One of the hardest things about retiring is the loss of feeling respected and valued. Both of my brothers continued working/consulting until they were 70. My oldest tried to retire at 65 but missed feeling needed and respected.

If you know retirees, would you please take a little time to find out more about them? They often have mental storehouses filled of memories and wisdom that they’re more than happy to share. If you’re thinking about retiring yourself, please consider reading the inspiring book Billy Graham wrote a few years ago called Nearing Home…about “life, faith, and finishing well.”

And, what about Bob? Well, Bob is an avid photographer and a deeply spiritual Christian, so he’s been adding scripture verses to some of his favorite photos, which he’s been sharing lately with me!  Here are a few for your enjoyment, and you’ll most likely see more of them on later blogs! Thank you, Bob! You’re an inspiration to me!                    Cute, huh? Beth posed for this rather humorous one…(All photos are used by permission of Robert Hardee, who owns the copy rights.)

(I wrote a post with more information about Nearing Home last year:  )

Reflections on Nearing Home, by Billy Graham

Billy Graham. WikiAlan and I both came to faith through the ministry of Billy Graham. I got saved the first time I heard the gospel, but what drew me to listen was seeing the total transformation in my older sister, who had heard Billy Graham speak in Washington D.C. back in 1962. In 1968, Alan surrendered his life to Christ after listening to Billy Graham preaching on a televised evangelistic crusade. 03.23.16 Nearing HomeSo, we both have a lot of history with this now aged teacher, and it seemed quite natural to listen to his book on “life, faith, and finishing Well” on our way home from spring break. Although Nearing Home is uniquely geared to those approaching their retirement years, Graham’s reflections and advice are really appropriate for adults of any age who have “eternity’s values in view.”  Billy Graham, who’s now 97, was a mere 93 when he wrote Nearing Home. Billy said the biggest surprise of his life was growing old! He thought a lot about life and death, but not about how to live with grace and purpose even after he was so frail he could no longer carry on his ministry. However, through this book, he is definitely carrying on his ministry, and as always, Billy Graham is still leading by example! Nearing Home is full of stories and practical insights gleaned from people he’s known or heard from over the years (and I’ll bet that numbers in the hundreds of thousands). His book resonates with hope and comfort, but it’s also an inspiring call to continue serving. Love and serve—God and mankind, and never stop thinking in terms of how to extend love, compassion, and service even to those who are caring for us. If you’re wondering when to retire and what to do afterward, please take time to ponder your way through this classic work on how to grow old with grace, written by the man who’s been our world’s most influential Christian leader for the past 65+ years. May God bless you richly!Sign about AgeP.S.—My dad, who lived a robust life until almost 90, kept this cheerful sign on his bedroom door: “If things get better with age, then I’m approaching magnificent!” 🙂 Oh, to have a twinkle in my soul until I die!

“The righteous flourish like the palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon. They are planted in the house of the Lord; they flourish in the courts of our God. They still bear fruit in old age; they are ever full of sap and green, to declare that the Lord is upright; he is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in him” (Psalm 92:12-15, ESV, emphasis mine).