The Armstrong Archives (34): Milk Allergy and Final Exams

May 17, 1977 We have really good news on Aaron—Praise the Lord! After $200, eight trips to the doctor, and about 20 tests…it appears that he’s allergic to milk! What a relief. We don’t know for certain, but his iron intake has improved, and in two months we’ll probably be able to tell for certain. Are we ever relieved about that!

Well, Aaron is totally out of control, so I’d better stop and put him to bed. This is Alan’s last week of classes, and Friday we’re going out to dinner. Went to the park Sunday afternoon and saw five goslings with their goose and gander parents.

Monday, May 23, 1977 Another of many infamous sits in a waiting room, but luckily Aaron is at home sleeping instead of creating havoc. Spring SkyThe weather has been simply gorgeous lately! Alan had his last unit exam Friday, and we spent the afternoon in the Huron River Park, wading, swinging, sliding, and watching the ducks. It was a marvelous change of pace and gave me a real taste of summer vacation!

Alan has begun a new schedule so that he can study seventy-four hours a week (instead of his usual sixty-some). At this point it’s a little hard to imagine that we can actually survive such a schedule, but I’m sure we will. I think Aaron may suffer the most, and he responds by calling for “Daddy” but acting very aloof when he discovers that Alan is ready to play. Campus WSUNot too much has been happening here. Aaron and I play outside for an hour or two every warm morning, and he helps me a lot around the house. We are getting to know most of the children and mothers…and most of the nooks and crannies around campus.

How are plans coming for your trip to Mackinac Island? You don’t believe in slowing down gradually, do you? Wish I could go with you; probably twenty-five fifth graders will keep you hopping! How many chaperones are going too? When is Dad done? Are you playing tennis yet? Are you playing or watching the market these days?

Tuesday afternoon, May 31, 1977 A moment of peace before seeing the doctor. Alan studied all weekend, but Aaron and I had fun! Saturday we babysat Linda and Harold Curtis’ two boys (8 and 10) at their house. We went to a carnival, made a birthday cake for Gary’s 8th birthday, and in general had a great time. The boys are so good to Aaron, and he loves to visit their house.

Then on Monday we went with the same family to Toledo, Ohio, to see the zoo there. Aaron was delighted with all the animals, and he’s beginning to recognize some of the animals from their pictures. When he saw the anteaters, (his first real-life view) he started making the slurping sound that I pretend is the sound an anteater makes when he eats. Aaron got mighty tired and finally fell asleep in the little museum, though only for a half an hour. Japanese Weeping CherryThis morning we went to a Japanese girlfriend’s apartment for green tea and a special Japanese dessert made from red beans (but very sweet). Kaoru and her son Makoto are also early birds outside, we we’ve gotten to be quite good friends. IMG_0493When’s your last day of school, Mom? Alan has his comprehensives this Thursday and Friday, and then Saturday night I’m taking him out to dinner!