Which Way Are You Looking?

Gerlinde’s father is a retired (at least theoretically) missionary/pastor in Germany, and he collects cartoons to liven up his messages from time to time (since he’s still very active in ministry). He sent me this one, and I just love it! In times of fear and crisis, where are we looking…down at the potential disaster that might befall us, or up to the One who can intervene and help us? I’m afraid I’m all too often like the Apostle Peter, who fixed his eyes on the terror of the waves and the seeming impossibility of walking on the water rather than looking up to his heavenly Father and asking for miraculous help. (Thankfully, Peter did cry out to Jesus for help and was summarily rescued!)

I have a precious friend on the mission field who was recently diagnosed with multiple  myeloma. Yes, he’s doing everything medically relevant to help with the situation. But, he’s also asked for friends to join him in praying for a miracle of healing and recovery, and I’m doing just that. Like Daniel’s three friends testified—isn’t it true that God is able to deliver us? And, whether or not he chooses to do so, shouldn’t we ask…and then trust him to do what’s best from his perspective?

Whatever seemingly impossible challenge may be looming ahead in each of our lives, God wants us to look up and cry out to him for help, not down at what appears to be our inevitable, disastrous fate. So, let’s keep looking up!

“Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else” (Isaiah 45:22).