An Update on my Double Singles: A Pleasant Christmas StEve and Noël with Joel

Stephen and Joel at Anna's HouseIt’s been quite a while since I’ve told you much about our two youngest,
Stephen and Joel, but I’ve decided that today’s the day!Chinese Music Conservatory Stephen is now at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY,
working on his PhD in musicology (although this picture is really from China),Joel and Joel is at N0rtheastern University in Boston, MA,
working on his PhD in literature. Families are like fudgeThey’re both still single, and they’ll both be home for Christmas. Joel, Mom, MikeIn fact, Joel is already homeReserved for Organist but Stephen is the pianist/organist at his church in Rochester so has to stay for a pleasant Christmas (St)Eve(ning) service there and then will be traveling home on Christmas Day, hopefully in time for dinner with the rest of us! Kite and Angel CloudBoth Stephen and Joel keep so busy that they’re a bit like blue streaks
(or purple kites) dancing across my sky,
but their energy and industry make me a very happy mama. Steve just happened to see Laurie at airport in DublinStephen is on a roll with speaking at musicology conferences
and has traveled extensively (even to Dublin, Ireland) presenting papers.
(This is Steve with one of my friends, who just happened to be in Dublin!)Joel and GilesJoel spent the summer interning with Our Daily Bread Ministries here in GR and loved it so much that he would have been tempted to drop out of school had there been a permanent position available. (Joel with one of his nephews.)TeachingHowever, he is doing some free-lance work for ODB
as well as studying and teaching at NEU,
where he’s finished his coursework and is studying for his qualifying exams,Hiking in White Mountains so he’s fully engaged with professional pursuits for the time being. Birthday Dinner at Zeytin'sBeyond their academic careers, Stephen and Joel are working together
on a fantasy political satire in their not-so-spare time.White Mountains Additionally, Joel is very active with his “intentional Christian community” in Boston, a group who not only encourage each other in their faith and outreach, Thanksgivingbut have lots of fun and fellowship throughout the year. Stephen and ZoeI wish every single young person could have such an option during the challenging years between leaving home and finding their lifelong mate. Love the LonelyJust a thought, but if you know someone this Christmas who’s single…why not ask if they’d like to join you for a pleasant Christmas Eve or Noël?Christmas Picture“But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee.” (Psalm 5:11)