The Armstrong Archives (72): Panacea for Morning Sickness

Monday, July 23, 1979 I just finished reading the best book, Me? Obey Him?, which was so inspirational that I passed it on. Three of Aaron’s neighbor friends come from homes without dads, and there seems to be such a tremendous lack of security and sense of assurance or love. If those moms had worked as hard at pleasing their husbands as they now have to work at providing a living, I can’t help but think everyone would be happier. Of course, the kids get hurt the worst if there’s disharmony in the home. We have children on our doorstep even before breakfast looking for a little love and attention.

Saturday Alan took us on an all day canoe trip down the shallow, peaceful Huron River. We pretended to be Indians, told stories of Lewis and Clark, and enjoyed the absolutely perfect weather. It was just fantastic—an experience we’ll probably all treasure for years to come.

August 22, 1979  It seems we’ve hit the jackpot lately for company. Last week Frank [our brother-in-law] and two friends stopped by overnight en route from New Jersey to Sunol, CA. Frank was flying home a new plane he just bought. Darby and Jerry Gwisdala (my closest friend in Mt. Pleasant) stopped by one night—celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary! They were married very young, but that still took my breath away, since Alan and I have only been married six and a half years.

Keith and Marji Van Oosterhout came for the weekend. Keith’s doing a Family Practice residency in Flint and is really tired! Tomorrow Larry and Kari Hembroff and their two kids are coming for five days. Needless to say I’ve been busy washing, shopping, cooking, and cleaning, but am very happy for the privilege of seeing so many of our friends!!MichaelWe got out extra chairs for some company, and Michael [above] said excitedly, “Grandma’s chair!” I think he thought you two were coming to visit again.

We’re all doing just fine (except Alan’s always tired and I’m sicker than a dog, but what’s new?)!! [I was newly pregnant with Jonathan and throwing up a lot. It was during this pregnancy I learned that if I ate crackers constantly, it would lessen my nausea.] Thursday it was a perfect day, and I took the boys out to pick a bushel of peaches and to the Huron River Park. Aaron worked diligently the whole time, and Mikey was a good helper too after we trained him to pick only peaches from the tree and not throw in rotten ones from the ground! (He only snuck one in on us undetected.) He had a ball. The boys have been so good lately I can hardly believe it!

Well, it’s 11:15 pm and still no sight of Alan. Think I’ll go to bed anyway with company coming tomorrow. I’ve just about learned how to play “Largo” on the piano for Alan now!

[Alan bought himself a little yellow Porsche and he bought me a piano with some of his parents’ inheritance money. The piano was intended to provide something for me to do late in the evenings while waiting for Alan to return from the hospital. Unfortunately, any time Aaron would hear me play, he’d be right down on my lap wanting to play too, so I really couldn’t play it in the evenings after the kids went to bed, and until they were in bed, I was totally engaged in trying to take care of them and get them ready for bed, read stories, etc. Well, as I’m transcribing this (35 years later), Stephen is practicing for his M.A. piano recital, so it’s been a great blessing over the years and gotten tons of use, even if I never did become a virtuoso!!]