ArtPrize 8: Just Where is the Rising of the Sun?

the-more-you-sweat-in-practice-the-less-you-bleed-in-battle-artprize-8-kathryn-w-armstrongArtPrize 8 is off and running! I’ve had several friends wander into the Holiday Inn without realizing that my mural is there, so let me give you the details in case you’re in GR and planning to go to ArtPrize, because I’d love to see you and I’d hate to miss you! My entry is titled “From the Rising of the Sun” and is being displayed at the Holiday Inn at 310 Pearl St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504.

gerald-r-ford-museumIt’s opposite the Gerald Ford Museum, van-andel-museum-center-jpgacross the street from the Van Andel (Grand Rapids Public Museum), devos-learning-centerand kitty corner from Ah-Nab-Awen Park.

grand-riverIt’s just across the river (0.2 miles) from the Amway Grand, so it’s at the cross roads to some of the best art in town. It’s also just 0.4 miles from Grand Rapids Art Museum, 0.5 miles from the B.O.B. (Grand Rapids’ “Big Old Building), and 0.6 miles from DeVos Place, so it’s super convenient for the most popular venues! arriving-at-the-holiday-inn     Whether you go in the front or back entrance,  you’ll see half the mural.artprize-8-front-lobby-mural-at-holiday-inn “January through June” is at the front entrance, and “June through December” is at the back entrance. Using 400 of my favorite  photographs from around the world, I’ve created a collage trying to tell the story of life on Planet Earth through the seasons of one year and one lifetime. artprize-mural-summer-to-winterHere’s my “Artist Statement: “The top row reminds us of the universal constants we all experience: the glorious sun and moon, rising and setting with comforting precision. Row two showcases another global experience, the beauty of flowers, which can be found everywhere around the globe. Row three highlights the experience of fauna through the seasons. Row four looks more closely at how the flora and individual homes are affected by seasonal changes, using photographs from our cozy “Tanglewood Cottage” here in Grand Rapids. Row five takes an intimate look into one person and one family (mine) through the seasons of one year and one lifetime, but my hope is that it resonates with the emotions and cultural experiences of everyone who views it: birth, growth, adulthood, marriage (or family life; I know some never marry), new life and enjoying grandchildren, growing older, and finally, in the December of life, walking into a sea of clouds on the mountain top, looking hopefully to a glorious future life after we leave Planet Earth.january-of-the-year-artprize-8The lower half of the mural is arranged in ten collages, each comprised of twenty photographs from around the world on a particular theme that compliments the season above.”   artprize-8-from-the-rising-of-the-sunThis is my hope and prayer for the mural: “From the rising of the sun on the day we take our first breath until we walk into life’s sunset, I hope the beauty of our world lifts our hearts to praise the One who created us and provided such a glorious home.” friends-stopping-by-to-see-from-the-rising-of-the-sun-mural-artprize-8I have a booklet with notes on each photograph for anybody who comes and would like to know more detail, although if I’m there when you come, I can answer questions! I’d really love to see you if you come, and if you leave me a message in the comment box or on Facebook (message works too), I’ll try to make sure I’m there when you come! I’ve been going about 10:00-5:00 Monday-Friday every day, but I’ll be less regular on weekends due to family responsibilities and fun, although I’ll still be there at times, so please don’t be shy! It’s a real highlight of my day when friends drop by!

from-the-rising-of-the-sun-mural-artprize-8“From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same,
the Lord’s name is to be praised” (Psalm 113:3).

Chris LaPorte: Have You Found a Venue?

Mural Pictures 400So, ArtPrize is officially off and running. Here’s a picture of my entry, although it’s actually 33 feet long and 7 feet high. Artists are registering their entries, and last week began the “connection” period, where artists try to find a venue that’s willing to host their work.  I am hoping in the worst way that DeVos Place Convention Center will be willing to display my mural, but I was informed that DeVos is a really “primo” place, and so I’m applying to some other places too. If you want to see my profile and a few samples, here’s the link:

Chris LaPorteHave you ever heard of Chris LaPorte? Cavalry, American Officers, 1921 He was the first place winner of ArtPrize in 2010 with his stunning 28-ft. pencil drawing entitled “Cavalry, American Officers, 1921.”Chris LaPorte 4Chris’s work is being exhibited at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services’s Grand Rapids campus right now, and a couple of nights ago,Chris LaPorte 3 Alan and I attended a reception for him at the Postma Center. Chris LaPorte at Pine Rest Reception 2There were lots of delicious hors-d’oeuvres, Chris LaPorte at Pine Rest Reception 3 and our CEO introduced Chris  with some very insightful encouragements  Navarres of Woodside to think of every person (and patient) as a wonderfully unique and valuable individual, Chris LaPorte Pencil drawings 1 just as Chris draws each of the characters in his portraits. Chris LaPorte at Pine Rest Reception 1Chris answered lots of questions from all of us curious art lovers.

“How has winning changed your life?” one lady asked. Chris answered that the attention directed to him (Can I have a selfie with you??) is embarrassing and awkward, but that he finds it very gratifying when people are moved by his artistry. (One man told him the picture [and the story behind the picture, which was that Chris was working through the loss of his dearly loved father and somehow trying to “bring him back to life” through the depictions of the cavalry] had moved him so much that it motivated him to be reconciled to his father-in-law.)

Chris LaPorteI found Chris’ reflections most inspirational, and he also helped me think through some additional venue options that might work for my entry.

06 Landscapes copyAs fun and exciting as it is for me to enter ArtPrize, it occurs to me that each of us is a piece of art. Attention to self is awkward, but when others are inspired by hearing our stories, isn’t that a blessing?! In order for people to know our stories—and best of all—what God has done for us, we need a venue…a platform…or whatever you want to call it, where God’s work can be seen. Finding a venue is a good thing. Be it home, work, church, clubs, volunteer work, or ?? But, wherever we find ourselves, may the light of Christ in us shine out brightly!

18 Potpourri“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 5:16).