The John Ball Zoo

I’ve been having way too much fun with Grace and the girls to find time to blog, but they’re asleep right this minute, so I’ll try! This week we took a wonderful trip to our local zoo.

One of the great things about grand kids is that you finally get to do all the things you’ve wanted to do from childhood but never really got the chance to do until you were so old it seemed childish to want to do them!

For instance, neither Joel nor Stephen really think it would be super fun to take a paddle boat around a small pond…but Eowyn thinks it’s the greatest!

I am blessed with some of the world’s dearest and best in-laws too! Grace held Nycteris on rides where she was too small to go and let me take Eowyn. What an incredibly sweet daughter-in-law!

Speaking of which…I hear our little cherub Nycteris crying, so I’ll quit! I also have some of the world’s very finest kids. Joel is going to watch the kids so Grace and I can go shopping together this morning. What a son!

“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you”