Sleepless in Grand Rapids: “A Hiaku or Two (Or Quite a Few)”

Full Moon copyIn honor of April being National Poetry Writing Month, I submit these minutes from last night’s time-whacked, sleepless hours:

We slept ‘til midnight

But then we were both aroused,

Wakened by our dreams.


Work dreams, resting dreams,

Coming dreams and passing dreams.

Visions rouse our souls.


In sickness or health,

In poverty or in wealth,

We’ll love forever.


He left, but I’ll stay.

He’s working, but I’ll write ‘til

He comes home again…


I thought he’d taken

Sleep with him, but I found Sleep

Awake in our bed.


As the world turns,

Asia falls asleep, but I?

I am still awake!


Time whacked and awake,

I recall: It’s time to write!

How about haiku?


Sorrow brings night, but

Joy comes in mourning, and joy

Comes in the morning.


Dark night of the soul,

Stay hidden under the wings

Of our great Father.


My soul is restless,

But when it finds rest in You,

My soul is serene.


When I cannot sleep,

I worship God by singing.

Soon, my soul knows dreams.


Bless the Lord my soul,

And all that is within me,

Bless His Holy name.


Rest, my soul, in God

Remember all his mercy.

Be kind to others.


Sun kissed moon last night.

Moon beamed brightly through the night,

Radiant with love.


Every loving act

Observe with open eyes, but

Be blind to hatred.


Be zealous for truth!

Do right, but love mercy, and

Walk humbly with God.


Perhaps I should read.

John’s Gospel will shower light

On my shadowed soul.


“Light shines in darkness

Darkness cannot comprehend,

But still the Light bears Life.” (John 1:4-5)


“Water into wine,

Drink, my spirit, ‘til you’re full.

Prove that love is best.” (John 2:10)


“Magnify the Lord.

He must increase day by day,

But I must decrease.” (John 3:30)


“The Father sent Christ

To die, so all who believe

Shall never taste death.” (John 3:36)


Blackness fades to light.

Birds sing; it’s almost dawn, but

I must go to sleep.


Good night, sweet soul, sleep

Until the break of day and

Shadows flee away.


Meeting adjourned.