Mentoring: Each One Teach One

DSCN9796I’ve started doing a little volunteer work at H.I.S. (Health Intervention Services) where Daniel is now working. Did you know it’s still possible to become a dental DSCN9799assistant via on-the-job training? Daniel has been coaching me, as well as several of the very capable assistants and hygenists who are already working there. DSCN9792Furthermore, “Dr. John,” an extremely gifted dentist who’s a generation older, has taken Daniel under his wing and is doing a wonderful job of mentoring him. 268Dr. John was teaching at U.M. just about the time Daniel was born, and while 245Alan was doing his residency there. Little did I ever guess back in those days that 339 copy20 years later Daniel would be at U.M. himself, hard at work in dental school! 382I have to tell you, it’s been such fun watching Daniel grow up, 360and I’ve been thinking about how “what comes around goes around.”219There’s a world of love and encouragement that goes into bringing up a baby, 348and if they’re lucky enough to have siblings, everybody gets involved! 355There’s so much to learn about, like how to pick flowers without uprooting them,Kids with Baby Bunnies copy& how to be gentle. Those wiser and more experienced make good models for us. Dan climbing up bedDan was always super busy and super curious…and I remember that when he 346was just a tyke he asked for “Oily B and a chopstick” for Christmas (which being interpreted is: a tube of Oral B toothpaste and a chap stick of his very own). Looking back, I realize he had a fascination with oral hygiene even as a tot!264Do you remember when you learned to read? We are often exposed to things 282years before we really understand them, and we learn by countless repetitions. 342 copyNow Daniel is “all grown up” and mentoring me! What a privilege and joy. 🙂 297I am very grateful for the “family” atmosphere at H.I.S. (which is a Christian ministry). Everyone has been so patient, willing to teach, and encouraging!DSCN9152This “each one teach one” system of learning is a good thing!DSCN9794I am so thankful that Daniel invited me to join his work and has been investing in training me. I’m also really appreciative of the H.I.S.staff for all they’re doing. Most of all, I praise our Father, who makes us his children, sets us in families, and delights to watch us grow up to love and serve!

“Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.” (Ephesians 5:1-2)