Korea’s Enchanting Folk Village

1600s-cottswald-cottageIf you’ve visited and loved traditional cultural theme parks like Michigan’s Greenfield Village  aarhaus-5-14-13-copy or Denmark’s Den Gamle By, Korean Folk Village then you’d probably love the Korean Folk Village just 30 miles from Seoul. Pagoda This folk village is carefully situated on 245 acres according to the principles of Grace and Judahfeng shui (philosophy of orienting everything to harmonize with nature),Korean Pool with a river flowing in front and a mountain behind. Beautiful Pagoda Some 260 traditional Korean houses were relocated from all over Korea Korean Folk Village to create the atmosphere of a Joseon period village, Visitors to Korean Folk Village and visitors from around the world can spend the day Kids at the hen houseexperiencing the life and customs from days gone by. Mike and Grace Grace is an amazingly intrepid adventurer, so despite their baby being just a few weeks old, she and Michael took us there before we had to leave South Korea. Waving sheets We were totally delighted! Grinding mill stone The Korean Folk Village is one of those wonderful “hands on” living museums Jumping rope where children can run, play, and participate. Traditional dress. Sweeper Beyond the many opportunities to see villagers in period costumes Traditional dress. Sweeping carrying on life and practicing their trades, Spinning silk such as spinning silk from silk worm cocoons, Basket weaver weaving shoes and other items from straw, Kimchi pots or making pottery (which is crucial to provide for every family’s ample stash of kimchi pots).  We were also able to enjoy three live performances. Tightrope Walker A rather elderly looking man did some very active tricks walking a tightrope,  Tight rope practiceand afterward, daring souls could practice on a tightrope close to the ground! Korean Folk Dancers There was a troupe of traditional Korean acrobats Folk dancers who danced and performed Break dancing all sorts of break-dance style acrobatic feats. Equestrian Acrobatics The kids’ favorite were the Masangjae, Horseback riding a very talented group who performed martial arts Tricks on horseback and equestrian feats. Riding horseback double From previous experience, the kids knew that if they waited patiently enough, Child on horsethey’d eventually get to ride around the ring on horseback (for a small fee). Father and son on horse I think this was the most looked-forward-to & longed-for highlight of their trip! Snack time! Either that or snack time! 🙂  Fishy treats  Some Korean snacks aren’t as appealing to western palates, Coconut rice balls but the sweet, crispy coconut rice balls were a real hit with all of us!  Under the flying sheets We had a memorable, most pleasant afternoon, Donkeys although we were only able to enjoy a fraction of all that was available DSCN9929 and never even made it to the exhibition hall or the amusement facilities zone. Family in pagodaBut, what a wonderful day we had! Thank you, Mike and Grace. 🙂 Break dancing 2 I don’t know about you, but I often finding myself so excited by life Watching the horseback riders that I don’t want to stop, and I wish instead for  “just 1 more turn?!”Children with chickensOr, like the kids wanting to hold the chickens, I want even more than can be given. But, Mike and Grace love their kids dearly and do delight in giving them what they can…as long as it’s good for them.

Tying wishes I think God is just the same. At the front gates of the Korean Folk Village there’s a place where you can write out wishes and tie them up. I don’t exactly do “wishes,” but I certainly ask the Lord for blessings. Do you? If you could have any good thing in this world, do you know what it would be? Have you asked your Father lately? The answer may be “Yes” “No” or “Wait,” but He encourages us to ask, and we’ll never know what’s possible unless we do ask!

Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask,
and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full
” (John 16:24).

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Greenfield Village

They say the top tourist attractions in Michigan are Frankenmuth, Mackinac Island, and Greenfield Village. Gerlinde had seen the first two, but I wanted to make sure she got to see Greenfield Village before she and Jonathan left for the summer.

Also, Jonathan has been crazy about trains since he was little, and I wanted to make sure he got another chance! Here comes a real-live steam locomotive to take us for a ride…the oldest continuously operated steam locomotive in the country!

Greenfield Village is like a museum park…full of original buildings from historic America. Here is the Wright Brother’s Cycle Shop from Dayton, OH. The plaque mentions that it was a mere 65 years from the inception of flight at Kitty Hawk until Neil Armstrong and the American team were walking on the moon!

This is Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park lab, transported from New Jersey. Over the course of his lifetime, he patented over 1000 inventions, perhaps the most famous being the electric light, although he also did lots of work with phonographs and sound recordings, ETC!

Greenfield Village was a heritage gift from Henry Ford, who began mass production of cars. His childhood home was only 3.5 miles from the site, and in 1929 he had his home transported here as one of the earliest additions. This is his kitchen as he remembered it as a child.

We pretty much spent the day enjoying the park…which means by mid-afternoon we needed to stop for an ice cream break. Jon and Linda treated us all!

This is the Logan County Courthouse where Abe Lincoln practiced law, transported from Illinois

We stopped at a milliner’s shop to try on some lovely hats…

And enjoyed lots of settings from colonial America.

And a few from other places as well. This is the oldest building, a lovely stone cottage from the 1600’s, brought over from Cotswold, England

If you ever get to the Detroit area, you might enjoy visiting!