Autumn Arising

IMG_5177It is officially autumn again, and I am so thankful to be alive to experience it! DSCN6286God painted another study in pastels just before the sun rose this morning. IMG_5181I ran outside with my camera and noticed the waning moon still high in the sky. IMG_5120Abby’s fur was beaded with dew and his warm breath reminded me that Alan and I would no longer be swimming around the lake. Tonight we’ll kayak.DSCN6304Like the sun arising, so autumn is arising—Sunrise on lake copynot only on our lake, but in my heart! I will turn 63 next week…that’s definitely the fall of life. It’s the time when we start falling too…slowing down, our vigor abating like a waning moon… and inevitably we’re deteriorating. Alan and I have way too many friends who are sick and struggling with illness right now. DSCN6292 I stopped to pray and waited until the last whispers of pink surrendered to blue. IMG_5141I love our lake. It’s so peaceful. But, there’s always something happening, too! IMG_5147Usually the great blue herons are pretty tolerant of the mallards, IMG_5154 copybut not this morning! IMG_4952In fact, the waterfowl are all skiddish…I think practicing up for their migration. Wood DucksBrightly colored wood ducks fed among the lily pads…but at a safe distance. Bur-marigold (Bidens cernua) copy Lemon-colored bur marigolds brightened the marshy water’s edge…right beneath my feet. 🙂loosestrife copyThe last of the loose strife delighted my eyes. I could have lingered forever! IMG_5078Ah, but Abby had been patiently waiting all this time for his morning walk. IMG_5109 2It was a perfect misty, moisty morning today…so like early autumn! Robin singing at dawn 9.25.13A robin was bursting with song high up in the top of a dead ash tree, Woodpecker 9.25.13and a little downy woodpecker worked tirelessly drilling out grubs near the top of an old snag above the swamp. IMG_4968Deer crossed the lane behind us after they thought we were gone,IMG_4873and Canada geese grazed peacefully in the grassy field. All was well. All is well.Goldenrod and bee copyExcept maybe for the bee on this goldenrod. He appeared to be too cold to move. Asters, Purple Fall copyHere and there the road was sprinkled with  bright purple asters Flea Bane   copyand cheery white flea bane. Flax, Blue copyEven some delicate blue flax were still blooming…well past their summer blush. IMG_5001

I marveled at God’s creative genius in the sunrise and the waning moon, the waking lake and woods, the birds and bees and flowers and trees…but there was a little wistful sadness in my heart until I came upon these cherry-red rose hips. I know wild roses burst into glory when June is bustin’ out all over, but they are still beautiful and fruitful in the fall. After all, you can’t make rose hip tea until autumn. So, even though autumn is arising in my life, I can be fruitful in ways that I couldn’t before. Autumn is a beautiful time, and I’m so glad to be alive to enjoy another autumn!

“They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green, proclaiming, ‘The LORD is upright; he is my Rock, and there is no wickedness in him’.” (Psalm 92:14-15 NIV)