Update on the Kids

How about a few lines on each of the kids? Carlie got invited to go with three other ladies for a weekend of painting at a cottage in Cape Cod.While she was gone, Aaron bravely manned the fort with their three little men. Carlie says they not only survived, they were all happy when she got home! Way to go, Aaron! 🙂 Besides all that…we just found out that they’re expecting another baby next June! How thrilling!Grace went to Philly for her nephew’s wedding, but Michael was in the midst of an oral surgery rotation and couldn’t babysit alone. (Read that: gone 5:30 am-8:30 pm…how I remember those days! 😦  ) I was going to Turkey, so guess who went out to Hawaii to help (yet again!)?Joel! He was able to get time off work and school, and he made such a hit with the girls that they’re still asking for him! Here they are, having climbed the 1,100 stairs to the top of Cocoa Head. Now there’s something Grandma couldn’t have done with a 30 pound girl in her arms! 🙂  However, Grace and Michael are also expecting a baby next spring, so I’m definitely planning to go help out then!There are definite advantages to visiting in Hawaii…that’s Joel out surfing!Next stop is Washington! Guess who else is expecting? Gerlinde!!!Does Jon look pleased, or what?!!!! According to the ultrasound, it’s going to be a girl!And, that’s not the last of the good news! The above ultrasound is really from Kathy! She and Carl are expecting…and a girl too! Can you imagine how fun family reunions will be if we end up with 4 new babies almost the same age?Carl and Kathy just returned from their sister Katie’s wedding in Colorado. This is Carl’s family, just in case you haven’t seen them before!Daniel and Brianna took a couple of Brianna’s younger sibs to Niagara two weekends ago…rode the Queen of the Mist and enjoyed all the glorious lights and sounds of this spectacular waterfall.Brianna is a very gifted photographer, and always comes up with lots of beautiful and creative pictures! By the way, they would love to have a baby too. If the Lord ever lays it on your heart to pray with us for them…thank you! They love children, and I know they’d make awesome parents.Stephen is studying hard at MSU, although he comes home most weekends, which we thoroughly enjoy. He’s has several jobs that bring him to GR: two different churches, piano students, an occasional shift playing mood music at Arnie’s…and then, there are jobs that take him back to Lansing early, like today. He’s editing the doctoral theses of two Asian colleagues. So—he and Joel both do free-lance editing! BTW, since I’m posting about our kids today, it seems fitting to mention that Alan and I brought Stephen a “real” Spartan tee shirt from Greece with a lot of bravado on it…which it looks like the MSU Spartans deserve this year!So, that’s it on our kids, and I’ll try to get back to sharing about our cruise next time I can write! May the Lord bless and keep you all!  XOXO, Us