Voter Guide for Michigan

I want to encourage everyone to check out to consider their views on how to vote next Tuesday. The hardest part for me is figuring out where the various candidates for the judiciary offices stand.  So far it looks like in Michigan the ones I would want to support based on their determination to uphold the constitution are:

CLIFF TAYLOR for justice of the Supreme Court and

RICHARD BANDSTRA as the Kent County (my district) judge of the court of appeals.

I can’t find any information on the candidates for judge of the circuit court: Brian C.Downs, Kathleen Ann Feeney, Paul J. Sullivan,and Daniel V. Zemaitis. Can anybody reading this suggest where to find information on these people?

Also, I bet most states have some type of voter guide. I have a friend who just moved here from Texas (and less recently California). She mentioned that in CA they sent information out to the voters, which was great, but that in TX it was very hard to figure things out. I’m not sure what’s out there from state to state, but I’m thinking many states will have something on line that at least gives the flavor of each candidate.

If you have time, below is the link to World Magazine, which has lots of interesting articles, not only on the situation in India that I referred to last, but also on the upcoming election, views of the candidates, etc.  They volunteer in this week’s edition: “For late-breaking campaign news and election night results, visit

And here’s another to the gleanings of a conservative lawyer from southern CA:

Happy researching! What a privilege it is in this country to be able to vote. Whoever you’re for…please make the effort to vote. Every vote counts!