On to our Scottish Roots: Dumfries

After our wonderful stay in Edinburgh, we began a lovely drive through the “Southern Uplands” of Scotland down toward the border city of Dumfries, whichis the ancestral home of Alan’s family. Learning something of the history of yourhusband/father/self probably makes you understand a little bit more about whoyou and your loved ones are. This was really true for me as we drove through theverdant hills and vales marking the border between Scotland and England. Scotland has a very stormy past, and the Armstrong Clan was one of the fiercestof the border clans. Dumfries was home to brave warriors like Robert the Bruceand John Paul Jones, Scotland’s most famous poet, Robert Burns, and a trulyremarkable list of innovative people. (Think I exaggerate? Check Wikipedia!) 🙂I’m not sure if Lance or Louie Armstrong came from Scotland, but Alan comes  good stock, and I’m glad to be an Armstrong. However, Armstrongs aren’t lambs,and their motto is: “I Stand Unvanquished.” I’ve learned to respect Alan’s energyand determination. There’s nothing laid back about Armstrongs! Alan’s progenitors, John and Elizabeth Armstrong, migrated from Dumfries about 150 years ago (I believe), and his Great Uncle Bill had a fuel oil business that Alan’s father eventually owned and where Alan worked as a kid. You can imagine ourexcitement when we drove up behind a big fuel oil truck near Dumfries with this sign on the back! Yes! Two Bills in the same business on both sides of the sea!Dumfries was built near the mouth of the River Nith and has been nicknamed“Queen of the South.” We truly relished our opportunity to explore the town andappreciate our rich heritage. After visiting their museum and learning what we could about our heritage, we stopped for lunch at “The Bank” Hotel. Ah! Anotherhappy discovery, and their Beef Wellington was savory…even superb, I’d say! So, my thought for today is to be thankful for your heritage. I hope you discover  the positive attributes of your heritage, live up to them, and build on them for an even brighter and more godly future! And, by God’s grace, may you stand “unvanquished” after all the battles of life are over!

“Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm” (Ephesians 6:13).