Happy Birthday, Oliver!

One Year Old PartyKatie Crawford sent me this picture a few weeks ago from her baby book…a joyful reminder of the day that she and my daughter Kathy celebrated their first birthdays together back in 1983! (You might have a little  trouble telling the dadsJoyce, Katie, Kathy, and Meor moms or babies apart!  I (Kathi) was 32 and lived in Plymouth. Now, my daughter (Kathy) is 32 and lives in Plymouth! Talk about Déjà vu!  DSC00247 Yesterday we all got together for a very happy birthday party for Kathy and Carl’s charming  little son, Oliver, to celebrate his first birthday! Three Cedars FarmWe joined a lovely group of family and friends at Three Cedars Farm DSC00313for a hayride, picnic lunch, cider and donuts… DSC00255 and—of course—birthday cake! DSC00224_2 Three Cedars is a great venue for small-people birthday parties DSC00292 because they have fascinating farm animals to feed and pet,  DSC00283tractors to ride (by self!) DSC00299  and places to rest when little feet tire!DSC00311Oliver also had a fine time, DSC00257although I don’t think he had any clue that he was the star of the show. DSC00340That’s not to say he didn’t enjoy all the attention…but he gets that anyway! DSC00359He was definitely impressed by all the cool presents. DSC00324and he was definitely curious about his cousins!DSC00329Jonathan organized a “google hangout” for the whole family,DSC00321complete with party hats and favors. Have you ever tried it? We had a riot! 🙂DSC00333Iris got a new Alice in Wonderland dress, so she was in her glory, DSC00370although there was a bit of consternation over sharing all the new toys. DSC00374Thankfully, Oliver got a special hockey set that was just his size… DSC00394&  thus begins a third generation of avid hockey players! Another bit of Déjà vu! Happy 1 Birthday, Kathy!Where did those 32 years go? Boy, it goes fast! Sunset in BlueI hope you treasure every day with your children…and your parents! Time flies.

“So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”
(Psalm 90:12 NKJV)