Rise Up, My Love (103): Jehovah-Jireh

Grand Tetons  copySong of Solomon 4:8 “Look from the top of Amana, from the top of Shenir and Hermon…” Where does our heavenly husband want us to go with him? From the fragrant forests nestled in the bosom of this earth to a mountain top experience with him. It is a call to spiritual elevation, to the heavenly perspective. He calls us to climb up, up, up with him until we can see what he sees. He “hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus” (Ephesians 2:6).

Why should he want us to leave the security and pleasure of the scented cedars of Lebanon? Have you ever walked through a cedar forest? The closest thing we have in America are the great sequoia trees in California, and anyone who has spent time meandering through John Muir Woods or Sequoia National Park knows the marvel of their majesty. It is perhaps my husband’s favorite place to visit…so restful…so meditative. There is an indescribable sense of serenity and peace that comes when you are lulled to sleep at night by the wind whispering through these primeval giants, some 2,000 or more years old.

The cedars of Lebanon were very similar, only fragrant as well as magnificent! The cedars grew to be 120’ tall and as much as 30-40’ in girth. About ten feet from the ground, the sweetly scented branches spread out and formed a thick canopy, making a welcome shade from the hot sun of the Middle East. To have lodged in the magnificent forests of Lebanon would have been delightful indeed!

What would ever motivate someone to leave such a lovely spot? This: Solomon was not just a rich man, free to pursue the pleasures of this life. Solomon was the king, and his wife now had the calling of reigning at his side. She had to know more than the pleasant beauties of this earth—she had to see the length and breadth and depth of her calling. She had to see the vastness of the kingdom and understand her responsibilities. Similarly, the Lord calls us away from a life of ease and pleasure to go up the mountainside so that we may sense the vastness of our calling and responsibility. We need a higher perspective than that which is possible from our comfortable homes and lives resting securely in the bosom of this world…the “forest floor.” As Abraham learned through the terrifying obedience of offering his one and only son, Isaac, on Mt. Moriah: “In the mount of the Lord it shall be seen” (Genesis 22:14). It is only as we’re willing to give up everything to obey God—even our most cherished possession—that we climb with him up the mountain side and begin to see life from God’s perspective. Can we refuse such a call? Do you want to see the world from God’s viewpoint? If so, let’s keep climbing with Him, our Jehovah-jireh: “In the mount of the Lord, it shall be seen!”