Blue Brimley Bay

Rocking Chairs at Tahquamenon FallsBrimley is less than an hour east of Eden. Lower Tahquamenon Falls 10 (Well, would you believe “east of Paradise,”
since Paradise truly is the name of the little village near Tahquamenon Falls.) Whitefish Bay, Google Maps Brimley is at the southern tip of Whitefish’s blue bay (Google Maps has it all!), 🙂Running on beach at Brimley State Parkand it’s one of the Upper Peninsula’s oldest (and best) state parks! Camping in the U.P. It’s a great place to camp  Brushing off the sand at Brimley State Park because its sugar sand beach is so clean it squeaks when you walk, and feet are never squeamish about finding their way into the lake for a romp since they can see through the crystal clear waters and feel the firm foundation underneath. Walking down the beach at Brimley State Park Playing in the water, hiking, picnicking, and swimming at Brimley State Park
are major sources of refreshment on hot summer days Playing near the water at Brimley State Park …at least for those who can withstand the cold water
(or are too big to let frigid Lake Superior temperatures stop them). Swinging at Brimley State Park Granted, hot days are a bit of a rarity in da Yoop, but there are swings & things, and it’s a great place for fishing in the Waiska River for delicacies
like walleye, bass, pike, perch, and whitefish.
(Don’t ask me why, but it sounds like “the Whiskey River” when they say it.)
Whitefish Basket at Cozy Inn, Michigan Our family isn’t big on fishing, but we love flash-fried and basketed fish dinners at the Cozy Inn. Their fish are so fresh I sometimes think they’re still flipping. Cozy Inn. Brimley MIReally—can’t you just see them flipping about? Their food is amazing! Alan and Kathi at Brimley State Park Anyway, across the bay is Gros Cap, where Alan and I used to hike and share picnic lunches on occasion. In fact, on one occasion (but in the middle of the winter…so read that as one enchanted, freezing evening), he proposed to me. Jon at Presque Isle42 years later, we had the pleasure of returning with not only Jon and his wife, Family Swing time at Brimley State Parkbut with their kids! What a joy! Checking out mom's camera In fact, we had so much fun on our trip,  Mother and Baby with camera that I’m already day-dreaming about trying to do a “Roots” tour
with some of our other grandchildren…if we can ever catch them!Mother and Baby taking picture  It took me years to figure out why older folks are so crazy about their grandchildren, but I think I’ve finally got the picture! Jon and Linda at Brimley State ParkThey make you feel young again.Beautiful day at Brimley State ParkThey makes things new and fun again!Blue water at Brimley State Park They challenge you to run again. Sugar sand beach at Brimley State ParkIt’s a great privilege to share life and love with kids and grand kids,
don’t you think?Three are better than one at Brimley State Park“A threefold cord is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12)
(Nor is a 3-generational cord quickly broken!)