Magical Firsts for Miss Iris

Waiting for the BoatWhile we were at Disney, we all got to enjoy some pretty amazing, magical firstsBoat Ridewith little Miss Iris, who is (daughter) Kathy and Carl’s 11-month-old daughter.Boat to the ContemporaryIris really enjoyed her maiden voyage on a boat…all the way across Bay Lake to  Contemporarythe Contemporary Resort. Although we stay at the Fort Wilderness Campground, Contemporary Strollwe always take some time to go “resort hopping,” just to stroll around all theMonorailbeautiful, park-like resort grounds, using the monorail system to skip from Monorail Ride Grand Floridianone gorgeous resort to the next. Iris definitely enjoyed her first monorail ride,  Lunch at the Polynesianbut she relished her first lunch at the Polynesian even more, especially since she Polynesian Ducklingsfound some new friends to share her lunch with her: It was her very first chance  Watching Ducklingsto Make Way for Ducklings…at least real, live ducklings! But, poor Miss Iris….Kaluia Cakeby the time the rest of us were ready for an elegant dessert of cake and coffee,Sleeping Through DessertIris had fallen soundly asleep in her Baby Bjorn (definitely not a first for that),Chocolate Fondue Kona Cafeand so we had to eat without her. (But, I assure you, we would have shared. 🙂 ) Wilderness LodgeAnother awesome first for Iris was our trip to the Wilderness Lodge. Pileated Woodpecker. Carl J. copyCarl captured his first closeup of North America’s largest (Piliated) woodpecker. Bald EagleBack at Fort Wilderness we all shared a first: watching a bald eagle fishing right Beachin' Itin front of us. Iris wasn’t too impressed; she was much more interested in  Sandplaying with sand, but it was the first time she didn’t like having sandy hands! HorseThere seem to be no end to exciting “first times” at Fort Wilderness, like Ponieschecking out the great big horses and the pretty, little snowy-white ponies.First pineconeThere are first pine cones to feel,Hummingbirdhummingbirds to watch (and photograph…a first good opportunity for me!),Spanish Mossand a first try at pulling apart Spanish Moss!SplashingThere was a great time first-splashing at the kiddie pool, and then it started toCatching Raindrops rain for real, so there was a first time marveling at raindrops falling from the sky.Magical Day at the KingdomAnd last, but not least, was little Miss Iris’s first trip to the Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom BoatThere was the long, somewhat intimidating ride on a big boat to get there. 11 DumboThere was an exciting first ride on Dumbo. Can elephants really fly?!TrainThere was a fascinating first ride on a train. How’s it work?11 PoohThere were stories to live out, Drumsmusic to make, and all the time…learning, learning, learning! You could just see Disney Sun hat the little wheels in her brain spinning round and round and round!

Iris on Small WorldI’m convinced the Lord wants us to be like Iris. He’s taking us on an amazing trip through life, and I think he wants us to take in all the magical firsts of life just like a child: staying as close as possible to our Source of Comfort, being willing to go along (most of the time), watching, learning, imitating, experimenting, being filled with awe, and being willing to experience everything He provides for us.At Disney Surely God loves us even much more dearly that we love our little ones, so shouldn’t we trust Him to take us through all the magical firsts of this life… through time and into eternity?

“And he [Jesus] said, ‘Truly I say to you, except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven'” (Matthew 18:3).