Thanks for Being There!

Okay, so I’ve totally fallen off the face of the earth…almost! Can’t even remember where I left off with life…maybe with Daniel and Joel’s graduations, Stephen’s recital, and our annual camping trip to Disney.

Camping at DisneyOur entire family—all seventeen of us including fiancees and grand children—had a wonderful week together! All too soon we had to say goodbye to our German families. Here they are just before leaving (although we were VERY blessed to be able to keep Grace and Eowyn for a couple of weeks; poor Michael had to return to his dental practice in Germany, coming back just in time for Dan and Brianna’s wedding):

Mike, Jon, and CrewTwo weeks after we returned home, Daniel and Brianna got married. Here are the cool dudes who were the groomsmen:

Dan's Wedding Cool DudesFrom left to right: Aaron, Joel, Stephen Armstrong, Daniel, Stephen Cooper, and Michael. Of course, they were just having fun! This is what the wedding party really looked like:

The Wedding PartyIt was a wonderful wedding in every way. The bride’s maids included Kathy (first on left) and Brianna’s sisters and sister-in-law. Eowyn (sitting on the floor in the middle) was one of a troupe of darling flower girls, and Reuben had his second turn as ring bearer! The bride was beatiful, the groom radiant, and the happy couple escaped to a cottage on Lake Michigan for a week of honeymooning before moving to their new apartment in Ann Arbor, where Dan will be doing a one-year residency in hospital-based dentistry at the U. Michigan and Brianna (who is an R.N.) hopes to find a job doing home health care.

Mackinac with Steve and JoelAfter all the company left and the house was somewhat back in order, Alan and I took Stephen and Joel to Mackinac Island to celebrate Alan’s birthday. We had a super time bicycling around the island and meandering through the streets. Steve and Joe had never been into the Grand Hotel, so we took them through just to enjoy the ambiance. It was a lovely retreat weekend and a good way to bond before the onslaught of summer activites. This week I’ve been catching up on business and getting ready for Joel and Daniel’s graduation open houses coming up on Saturday from 2-5. Be sure to stop by if you’re in town! Dan and Joel are just two of nineteen graduates from our chapel family, and there are 6 simultaneous open houses going on Saturday. Either this is very bad timing, or everybody will just float from house to house and never have to cook all day! Hopefully, by next week, things will be down to the peace and quiet of the home crew and a sprawling summer ahead!