Just One Week

Wailea BeachJust one week ago, Alan and I were strolling along rainbowed beaches in Maui. AaronJust one week ago, our oldest son,  Aaron, had to fly from NYC to CA for a week of Facebook business, narrowly escaping the “Snowpocalypse” (as he said),Child awaiting NY storm Junowhile his brave wife, Carleen, held down the fort with their 4 boys,
who were all eagerly awaiting the snowpocalypse (Snowstorm Juno’s arrival)! Holding the Fort!Just last week, our second son, Michael, had to leave his family in Korea for the week to attend a conference in San Diego while his dear wife, Grace, Fun at the Farm managed their bouncing bevy  all alone. So much can happen in  just one week! Regensburg on DanubeAnd, that’s just the beginning of everything that happened to our family last week! Just one week ago, our son Jon and his family returned from Germany, Grandpa reading to his grand daughterwhere Linda and the girls had been staying with her parents Regensburgwhile Jon was away teaching a J-term course on church history in Regensburg.

Child on couchI used to say that Kathy was my rose between two tornadoes, and in some ways that’s still true! Her family had at least a somewhat normal week. When Kathy asked her daughter if she’d rather go on an outing or help clean the bathroom…guess what Iris chose? “Help clean bathroom!” (Home is great!)

Transport IsoletteDaniel and Brianna’s week was anything but peaceful! Their preemie, Baby Samuel, had to be transferred from his nest at St. Mary’s HospitalNew home for Preemie to an acute care center to be prepared for the possibility of emergency surgery to prevent retinal detachment. OUCH!! That had us all in a dither.  😦 Boston SnowsLast week, Stephen started out trying to drive from MI to NY for an interview, 2015-01-27 12.02.51but the driving conditions were so dangerous that he turned back, opting for a Skype interview instead. We talked to a couple in Maui who’d flown out of GR that same day and said their 1-hr. drive to the airport was terrifying, plus the planes were all late. Wisdom is the better part of valor. Good choice, Stephen!Boston MFA in snowAnd my youngest, Joel, didn’t really go much of anywhere last week except for a walk or two, because the adventures (some traumatic) came to him! Boston Blizzard Joel lives in Boston, where blizzard winds whipped up to a frenzied 75 mph, covering much of his area in over 2′ of snow, totally shutting down the city.

Boston Blizzard 2015During that time, Joel and his floor-mate went out walking (which is where all the snow pictures are from). Did you happen to hear anything about the death of Dr. Michael Davidson, a 44-year-old cardiac surgeon who was murdered at Brigham and Women’s Hospital last week by the disgruntled son of a patient? Joel’s floor-mate is an oral pathology resident who works at the same hospital. This was a deeply felt loss for the entire medical community.Boston Snows 2015Dr. Davidson was just 5 years older than my oldest son and was devoting his life to trying to save lives. It just doesn’t seem possible, right, or fair, but unexpected tragedies do occur. Drying mittens on radiatorWell, thankfully, today we and our kids are all safely home again. Alan and I just walked in the door after a harrowing trip home that ended by renting a car and driving from O’Hare (all shut down from 19″ of snow);  Joel’s Boston dug out from last week’s dump, but his university shut down again today due to another foot of snow falling! All this action has made me think about how much can change in just one week.Rainbow over Aston Maui Villas Right now is a rosy time in my life (this picture was literally of the apartment where we stayed last week), but none of us ever knows what tomorrow will hold. Skyline Ridge Road, Haleakala, HIHowever, we can know the God who holds tomorrow, and we can trust Him to lead us into the path of life everlasting. I am trusting Him with my life and future, and I hope you are too!

“Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth” (Proverbs 27:1).

Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”
(Psalm 139:23-24)