When Is God’s Messiah Going to Come to Earth?

A gentleman was discussing my thoughts on taking Genesis 1 literally and said that I’d best be careful, or pretty soon I’d be trying to figure out on what day the Lord is going to return. Obviously, the Bible says that no will know the exact time, but another friend sent me this fascinating video. It’s only 11 minutes long. I’d love to have you watch it and let me know what you think! Thanks.  🙂

 “Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour
wherein the Son of man cometh
” (Matthew 25:13).

3 responses to “When Is God’s Messiah Going to Come to Earth?

  1. Bonnie Washburn

    This is a good review of how prophecy has been fulfilled! The restoration of Israel was indeed a momentous occasion marking the culmination of the final days / years before Christs return. Never before in the history of the world has a people group returned to their ancestral home and re-established their dominant presence, culture, and government. Only God can do that!

    Those that study prophecy closely have anticipated the return of Christ in this decade. One only has to see what is happening in the Middle East and look at what scripture says to see that his return is imminent. Yes the Bible says no man will know the day or the hour but the season is clear.

    I find it amazing that 30% of the Bible is prophecy, yet we are taught so little about it (other than how Christ fulfilled prophecy) from the pulpit. Especially in this end time.

    Thanks for sharing! The purpose of understanding how short time is, is not to scare people, but to bring about an urgency to accept Christ as one’s savior! Have the assurance to know He is coming back for YOU!

    • Amen, Bonnie! Thank you so much for sharing all this, and for the encouragement for readers to understand that all this is not meant as a hype or “scare tactic,” but rather to highlight the urgency of accepting Christ and the peace that can be ours in these troublesome times by knowing that Christ’s return will be “for” us..the redemption that our entire world has been groaning and waiting for!

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