Waiting for Baby

I’m waiting for a baby again,
But it’s not nearly as hard as it was when
I was waiting for my own, because even though I don’t know how long it will take,
I know it’s not exactly my body that’s at stake.
Nevertheless, it is the body of my son’s wife,
And for them…I would give my own life,
So it’s still very stressful, particularly since last time was more nightmarish than dreamy,
And they ended up with a 1.5-pound micro-preemie.
Still, their first baby is now a happy, chappy two-year-old,
Who might sass his mom but so far for me has been good as gold.
However, I get P.T.S.D. at the mere thought of babysitting
And every time I even think about it I break out in a sweat and imagine quitting
Before I even arrive at their door
Which will doubtless happen more and more
Because the more babies you have, the more help you need,
And even though it might be easier to lay down my life than do a good deed,
I’m pretty sure what they’re going to need are more good deeds
Rather than a grandmother  in absentia without any leads.
BTW, am I the only grandmother out there who’s paranoid of crying toddlers?
Are the rest of you seasoned babysitters and able toddler jogglers?
Maybe it comes from being the baby in my family and my dad hiring me to grade college exams for more than people paid babysitters,
Or maybe it comes from never having any time off for thirty years when my own seven kids were wild and woolly little kidders.
Whatever the source of my anxiety, you couldn’t pay me to watch kids for a mountain of cash,
But I’ll do it for love’s sake…though I’d feel more at ease spending an afternoon with Ogden Nash.

(You guessed it, I wrote this while my daughter-in-law was in labor on April 18, 2017. On the bright side, I won the family guessing game concerning what day the baby would be born!  🙂  )

Sing unto the Lord, O ye saints of his, and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness. For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning” (Psalm 30:4-5).

(P.S.—Actually, Sammy’s being a doll for me, and we’re doing just fine!)

7 thoughts on “Waiting for Baby

  1. Babies being my life long love and “career”, I loved this post. I have never had to place my body at stake nor dealt with 30 years of wooly little kidder’s. I enjoyed their entry into the world, watching them develop until discharge or a stable condition, then I could move on to the next. I do not deal at all well with age 2 and up, so I commiserate with your feelings, yet never from your all encompassing experience of rearing 7. Congratulations to all on the safe arrival of this precious little girl, as well as the delivery of your Ogden Nash style contribution.

    1. Loved hearing this, Linda! Thanks for sharing. I guess I’d assumed since you worked with babies that you probably loved children. Babies are easy, though, compared to two-year-olds intent on establishing their independence and ability to defy the powers that be (or so they hope). I do love kids, but I enjoy them most of all in the presence of their parents so I don’t have to discipline them! 🙂 Thanks also for your congratulations on Elanor’s birth! What a joy, particularly since the last one was so scary! Very cute…”delivering” a poem. You’re very witty!

  2. I am also a bit apprehensive when asked to baby sit, but with Christoph at my side it is easy. The kids love him and he always has great ideas. In May we are baby sitting for Kieren’s two girls, three and five, when their parents are away for the weekend. I’ll let you know it went! So happy for Dan and Brianna. God is good.

    1. It’s reassuring to know that you’re also a bit apprehensive, as I’m sure you do a fantastic job! Yes, I feel much more at ease when Alan is with me. I figure that between the two of us, we can probably handle “whatever!” Thankfully, Brianna is now at home too, so my job is much easier. I can play and work but don’t have to worry about discipline (my weak suite)!

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