Blue Hawaiian Kauai by Helicopter: Learning a Lot Fast

kathi-at-blue-hawaiian-heliport-kauaiI can’t think of a faster way to learn a lot about an islandview-of-kauai-from-inside-blue-hawaiian-helicopterthan by taking a one-hour helicopter tour over it with a pilot who lives there!aerial-view-of-kauaiI can’t begin to repeat everything I learned,  sun-streaming-between-mountains-on-na-pali-coast-kauaibut I’d like to at least share a few of the breath-taking views I saw on my flight. na-pali-coast-kauai-hawaiiLast week I published many photos of the amazing Na Pali coast,  south-shore-of-kauaiand our tour did circumnavigate the island, so we saw all the major sites. lihue-kauaiLihue is the unincorporated county seat in this little paradise.
(Lihue’s population? Less than 7,000. Kauai’s? less that 70,000.) wailua-river-flowing-to-lihue-kauaiWe saw the Wailua River (popular for kayaking), and learned all about Kauai’s agricultural history, including the rise and fall of raising cane (sugar cane)
and pineapple. aeriel-view-of-kauis-lush-interiorWe also learned about taro, their staple crop, which is still grown today.
(Try it, but you might not like it; it’s very bland.)aerial-view-of-kauai-and-menhune-fish-pondWe gazed down on the ancient Menehune Fish Pond, menehune-fish-pond-kauaiconstructed to catch fish some 1000 years ago. Good work, Hawaiians! aerial-view-kokee-park-geophysical-observatoryWe enjoyed a bird’s eye view of  Kokee Park Geophysical Observatory, dolphins-and-whales-swimming-in-pacific-off-coast-of-kauaiand we peered down on pods of dolphins,
squinting our eyes to see whales swimming in the deep, blue sea.  waimea-canyonWe marveled at Waimea Canyon in all its red (oxidized iron) and green splendor.
(Kauai is nicknamed the Garden Island because it has such lush vegetation.)
waimea-canyon-hawaii-grand-canyon-of-the-paificMark Twain dubbed Waimea Valley “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”

helicopter-along-nepali-coastHowever, the vast heart of Kauai is so rugged that it’s never been penetrated by roads. It remains a mystery to tourists unless they get permission to hike in (which takes days, and it’s privately owned), or else fly in by helicopter. Friday I hope to share what I saw in the heart of Hawaii, but today I just want to reflect on how God’s heart would always remain an impenetrable mystery to us as well, were it not for Jesus, who lives in paradise with his Father and can reveal Him to us if.

  helicopter-flying-in-kauai-mtsIf?? Yes.
we’re willing to “ride” with him and let Him teach us all about God.
Are you willing?

O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God!
how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!

(Romans 11:33)

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