Happy Dawn of 2017!

sunrise-from-the-air-22Can you believe it’s the dawn of a new year?  sunrise-from-the-airWhen Alan and I were kids (back in the dark ages), sunrise-from-the-air-2neither of us got past imagining how old we’d be in 2000. sunrise-from-the-air-3We’d be 50…pretty much ancient! sunrise-from-the-air-4If “three score and ten” expresses a natural life time, sunrise-from-the-air-5then in just three more years we’ll be in to overtime. sunrise-from-the-air-6Yikes! sunrise-from-the-air-7Is it only the people who haven’t figured out how to finish the game by 70 sunrise-from-the-air-8who have to play extra innings? sunrise-from-the-air-9On the way home from a recent trip to visit family in Florida, sunrise-from-the-air-14I watched in wonder as our plane skimmed above the clouds sunrise-from-the-air-1while the sun rose with unusual splendor. sunrise-from-the-air-27Often, my flight path takes me above the clouds, but for whatever reason, sunrise-from-the-air-10this flight sailed between the layers of clouds, sunrise-from-the-air-30and I was also heading northwest, sunrise-from-the-air-11so the sunrise lasted much longer than usual. sunrise-from-the-air-12I think it was a combination of elevation, direction, and clouds sunrise-from-the-air-13that made the sunrise so splendid: sunrise-from-the-air-28rising, heading home, sunrise-from-the-air-15peering through the ever shifting clouds that obscured the sun sunrise-from-the-air-23but made every appearance all the more glorious and captivating… sunrise-from-the-air-25Isn’t that just how life is? sunrise-from-the-air-19It’s the struggle to rise, sunrise-from-the-air-26to journey home, sunrise-from-the-air-29and to deal with the clouds of life sunrise-from-the-air-16that makes every appearance of the Son so precious to us. pastel-sunrise-over-cloudsAs we begin this new year, may we experience a fresh Sonrise in our souls…sunrise-from-the-air-18one that lasts a long time, sunrise-from-the-air-24totally captivates us, sunrise-from-the-air-21and causes us to stand in awe of our glorious God.  sunrise-from-the-air-17He gathereth the waters of the sea together as an heap:
he layeth up the depth in storehouses.
sunrise-from-the-air-20Let all the earth fear the Lord:
let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him
” (Psalm 33:7-9).


One response to “Happy Dawn of 2017!

  1. Charylene Powers

    Wonderful post to welcome the New Year and all it might hold.

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