condorman-video-coverDo you ever want a feel-good movie that makes you laugh but doesn’t make you cry and has some suspense thrown in for good measure? barbara-carrerea-as-natalia-rambova-in-condormanRecently, Alan, Joel, and I decided to kick back and relax with an old family favorite, Disney’s Condorman. michael-crawfored-as-condorman“Condorman” is just a cartoon character, but the creator, “Woody Wilkins” (played by Michael Crawford, who later became famous as the Phantom of the Opera), decides he wants his superhero to be believable. condorman-jumping-off-eiffel-towerSo, Woody dons a Condorman costume and launches himself off the Eiffel Tower…straight into the Seine River in Paris, where he’s been visiting his friend…who happens to work for C.I.A. condorman-in-disguise-in-monte-carloThings only get zanier from there, as Woody becomes embroiled in a high-profile espionage defection with all the bravado of a James Bond and none of his skill. woody-wilkins-and-natalia-in-condormanHowever, Woody’s indomitable good nature, cow-eyed affection for the heroine, and happy-go-lucky ingenuity save the day…or not! explosions-abound-in-condorman                                It’s not a sure thing until the very last scene,escaping-their-fate-in-condorman but there is so much fun along the way that it’s one of those “cult classics” in our family, and we all know all the lines by heart!condorman-oliver-reedWould someone like Woody really be able to win against tough KGB spies? I don’t think so; at least, not without divine intervention. But, I love the underlying theory: the good guys win because they’re good, and the bad guys lose because they’re mean and nasty. And, I think there’s definitely biblical precedent for that!

condormanBe not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21).

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