World War 2 in HD Colour: War Has No Winners

WorldWarII_In_HD_ColorAlan and I used to wonder,
“Why hasn’t the world been able to forget World War 2 and move on?” Étretat.That is, until we visited the west coast of France
and saw that their rugged coastal resort areas Fortifications on Étretat Beachare still pitted with corroding remnants of that terrible war. Étretat. the townSure, most of the towns have been rebuilt,
but the Normandy Coast will never be the same, Barbed wire and bunkers on Normandy Beachfrom the honeycomb of German bunkers Memorial at Normandy Beachand hillsides pocked with holes left by bombs, British Military Cemetery in É the people who have memories of their world being torn apart
by explosions and invaders. Foggy hush over Normandy BeachesThere’s a hush fallen over that sacred twilight zone. American Cemetery for NormandyPeople need to grieve their pain, but I don’t know how long. World War 2 in HD ColourAfter returning home, Alan and I watched a 13-hour British documentary series on the war called World War 2 in HD Colour. 8When we were growing up in the Fifties, nobody really talked about the war,
and now I understand why at a deeper level. EKSHUMOWANE CIALA POLSKICH OFICEROW W KATYNIU.KATYN, 1943.ADM It was utterly, unspeakably evil and awful. 6The documentary covers the four major fronts: Western and Eastern Europe,
the North African campaign, and the Pacific War. 7Even though I knew some of the facts (from being a history major in college),   4seeing footage and commentary gave me a whole new perspective,   1      and after we’d seen it all, I came away with some PTSD and this new insight:
3As surely as no man is an island, no war has a winner. 10Weren’t we all created to be free? If so, then isn’t it wrong to conquer another human being? Aggression is wrong. It’s coveting our neighbor’s possessions.9Defending yourself is morally acceptable, but revenge is wrong, and it seems beyond normal human capacity to keep from returning at least some evil for evil.5 That makes winning a sour victory, because at best you may be stopping evil from overtaking you, but at an incalculable cost in lives and lands.4And, at worst you’ll be so angry that you’ll end up oppressing your enemies,
falling to the temptation of also doing evil.5War has no winners. It destroys and devastates, and the “spoils” are spoiled. 2Lord, please help us end all this senseless fighting & restore our world to peace. 2Restrain aggression, destruction and evil, 1and give those who defend themselves great grace to resist revenge,
even when it’s within their power.  Notre Dame Church in Étretat.Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord” (Romans 12:19).

(Photos 2-9 and the last one are mine, taken in France, May 2016. The rest are from World War 2 in HD Colour and other sources. It’s a terrifying documentary, but if you ever wonder why the world doesn’t forget and “just move on,” it will give you unforgettable insight. It’s also increased my motivation to reject war as an option for settling world problems.)

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  1. Charylene Powers

    Very moving post

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