Those Frustrating (and sometimes scary) Roadblocks

tree blocking roadIn the last few weeks we’ve had two trees come down across our lane. The first was during a bad storm, so it wasn’t completely unexpected, but this past week a tree by our gate split for no obvious reason on a perfectly sunshiny summer day. Tree down across power lineOne fell across our power lines, and it took a couple of days to figure out what to do, although in the final analysis neither the telephone nor the electric company would fix it, so Alan and one of our neighbors had to. It was pretty scary, but they were able to clear the road without electrocuting themselves! Whew!Tree branch splitting off It seems like we hit roadblocks throughout our lives. Sometimes we’re half expecting them because we’re in a stormy situation, but other times they catch us totally off guard because they happen when our world is sunny and bright. Man on John Deer TractorI am very thankful for my husband, who rose to the occasion both times and tangled with the trees so we could get our cars out again. I’m not sure what I’d do without him! This is even more true for me spiritually. I am so thankful for the Lord, who rises to the occasion and untangles the messes in my life when roadblocks stop me in my tracks!DSC07838 (1)

“Got any rivers you think are uncrossable?
Got any mountains you can’t tunnel through?
God specializes in things thought impossible;
He does the things others cannot do.”
—Oscar C. EliasonStack of woodThe things which are impossible with men are possible with God” (Luke 18:27).

4 responses to “Those Frustrating (and sometimes scary) Roadblocks

  1. Judy den Boer

    It is 2:14AM and I have not been to sleep. I will get up in an hour and get ready to hit the airport to fly to my 50th reunion. I started yesterday with the Lord anticipating a long day of preparation. My son an I just opened a vacation rental which is incredibly successful. My son left for Alaska two days ago and road blocks came up everywhere.
    The biggest being a huge clump of trees fell down, but not quite. They remain off the ground held up by a couple of 6″ limbs. I stood in shock. No husband, no son, no money, no way to remove this colloidal mess. The view is better, my guests that night never knew it happened 25′ from where they slept. No one hurt or anything damaged, just God talking to me. The microwave broke and the dishwasher stopped all in that same morning. This roadblock made me want to bale on the trip which starts in one hour. My other son who is paying for said no. So here I go, praying to make a difference for the kingdom and miraculously successfully drive in the Bay Area after driving the empty streets of an old Montana town. The road is open and I have to go. Please pray for me. Judy

    • I am praying for you! Please let us know how things go for you. Talk about ROADBLOCKS! Amazing story. Thanks for sharing it. May the Lord bless you in a wonderful way, and may you be aware of some unique way in which you have made a difference for the kingdom by going.

  2. Charylene Powers

    I love the quote by Oscar C. Eliason

    • That quote has also been set to music, which is why I remembered it. We used to sing it in youth group. God does specialize in the impossible, doesn’t He?! 🙂

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